Oshi no Ko: Facts that you may not know about Aqua and Ruby

Ruby Hoshino and Aqua Hoshino

Oshi no Ko was released on April 12, 2023, and fans are loving how the show has outdone their expectations so far. Not only is it beautifully animated, but it also skillfully combines elements of drama, comedy, and mystery, and tackles challenging themes with sensitivity.

The first episode covers the life of Ai Hoshino as she dies in the end and the viewers don’t get enough time to know her. The second episode shows how Aqua and Ruby have grown up and started their new life after their mother’s death. Fans do not get enough of these two and so, here is a list of five things you may not know about Aqua and Ruby.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from the manga.

Exploring deep facts about Aqua and Ruby in Oshi no Ko

1) Who is their father?

Hikaru Kamiki as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha, Aka Akasaka)

This has been the most asked question, who is the father of Ruby Hoshino and Aquamarine Hoshino? In the first episode, Ai denies revealing the name of their father since she was just 16 then and it would have put a heavy toll on her career. 

Coming straight to the answer, the father is Hikaru Kamiki, the primary antagonist of the show. He is introduced in chapter 96 of the manga series when Akane Kurokawa found him while tracking down the person behind Ai’s murder.

Hikaru Kamiki is also the person behind Ai Hoshino’s murder. He revealed the latter’s address to an obsessed suicidal fan, which lead to her death. Hikaru is a sadistic murderer and has committed many crimes before.

2) Aqua and Ruby have a half brother

Taiki Himekawa
Taiki Himekawa (Image via Shueisha, Aka Akasaka)

Taiki Himekawa is the son of Hikaru Kamiki and the older half-brother of Aqua and Ruby. As the story unfolds, It is revealed that Hiraku Kamiki had an extramarital relationship with Airi Himekawa, who was married to Seijuurou Uehara at the same time. Taiki Himekawa is their. 

When Aqua first sees him he is surprised to see the striking resemblance between him (as Gorou in his past life) and Taiki. Taiki is depicted with black hair, stubble, and square-rimmed glasses. Little is currently known about him and it is possible that he may become more significant to the story as it progresses.

3) Ruby and Aqua after their mother’s death

Ruby and Aqua
Ruby, Miyako and Aqua from Oshi no Ko (Image via Doga Kobo)

Ruby is shown to have accepted their mother’s death. She starts building her career as becoming an idol like Ai. On the other hand, Aqua is shown to be more protective towards Ruby and is driven by revenge as he searches for Ai’s murderer.

The reason that Ruby is working so hard to be famous as an idol is so that she can marry Gorou, who was her doctor in her past life. Gorou, who is born as Aqua does everything in his hand to stop Ruby from walking on Ai’s steps. He won’t let her become what their mother was that is everything is based on lies. 

Ironically, Ruby causes scandal to happen in a show called Tokyo Blade where she would bring Meiya, a loose-lipped person. When Aqua confronts Ruby asking her why she caused this to occur, she replies that Ai Hoshino was also a liar and that she will be famous soon.

4) Akane Kurokawa

Akane and Aqua
Aqua and Akane as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha, Aka Akasaka)

Aqua and Akane begin officially dating as she promises to stay by his side always. She is the only person who stays with Aqua whenever he collapses and pledges to shoulder the guilt with him. 

Akane trusts Aqua and keeps his secret about his past life rather than criticizing him. She also states that she will help him find Ai’s murderer and doesn’t stop him from carrying out his plan to kill the person. 

Aqua, who had been living his life solely for taking revenge on Ai’s murderer, has now started to show his feelings towards Akane. Some of his small actions like waiting for Akane outside her workplace, replying to her texts as fast as possible, and praising her accomplishments make Akane feel grateful and satisfied.

5) Ruby gains two dark stars in her eyes

Ruby as seen in the manga with two stars in her eyes (Image via Aqua and Akane as seen in the manga (Image via Shueisha, Aka Akasaka)

Ruby is seen to have been working hard to build her career as an idol, something that she could not have done in her short past life. She continues on the path of Ai Hoshino and strives to be popular, unlike Aqua who has not moved on from Ai’s death yet.

Ruby has been doing all this only to meet Gorou who was her doctor when she was Sarina in her past life. Later she discovers Gorou’s body that reminds her of everything she has lost.

Ruby feels that she needs to finish what her brother, Aqua had started. She wanted to find the person behind Ai’s murder and who had killed Gorou. She is now driven by revenge and she gets two dark stars in her eyes. This however feels very contrasting to what she was before. She slowly begins to get consumed by the darkness of revenge that almost had her brother.

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