Hunters Season 2 Trailer + What to expect?

Who doesn’t like a good conspiracy drama especially when it has OGs of cinema like Al Pacino as cast members? That’s why Prime Video’s Hunters Season 2 is one of the most highly anticipated series of the time.

The first season was released back in February 2022 and was renewed for the second season soon after. The excitement among the fans has increased since the trailer for the second season has been released. Here’s everything we know about it:

Hunters Season 2 Trailer + What to expect_
Image Courtesy of Prime Video

What is ‘Hunters’ all about?

  • The story follows a diverse bunch of Nazi hunters in 1977 New York City. For those who don’t know, Nazi hunters were people who used to track down former Nazis or people involved in the Holocaust.
  • The hunters discover a conspiracy where an alleged Fourth Reich is being established in the US. Because of this discovery, a mission aiming to take it down begins.
  • Along with that, Operation Paperclip also gets discovered. As per this, more than 1600 German scientists (mostly Nazis) were relocated to the US for government employment.
Hunters Season 2 Trailer + What to expect_
Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Hunters Season 2 Trailer

  • Amazon Studios recently released the trailer for the second season of the highly anticipated series, Hunters. The new season picks up right after the events in the previous one. In the second season, we follow a whole new mystery: Hitler.
  • The team will get back together again after Jonah discovers that Hitler, the most infamous Nazi, is still alive. While the hunters recruit a new member, Hitler’s team prepares itself for the expected face-off.
  • Meanwhile, Meyer Offerman encounters another threat of his own where the stakes are extremely high.

When is Hunters Season 2 releasing?

The second season of Hunters will premiere on January 13, 2023, on Prime Video. Once it premieres, it will be available in more than 240 countries.

How many episodes will there be in Hunters Season 2?

Although the first season had ten episodes in total, there will only be eight episodes for the second season. As a way of promoting the ‘binge-watch’ format, all episodes will be released on the same day.

Hunters Season 2 Trailer + What to expect_
Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Who is in the cast?

  • Logan Lerman as Jonah Heidelbaum
  • Al Pacino as Meyer Offerman
  • Lena Olin as Eva Braun-Hitler / The Colonel
  • Jerrika Hinton as Millie Morris
  • Saul Rubinek as Murray Markowitz
  • Carol Kane as Mindy Markowitz
  • Josh Radnor as Lonny Flash
  • Tiffany Boone as Roxy Jones
  • Louis Ozawa as Joe Mizushima
  • Greg Austin as Travis Leich
  • Kate Mulvany as Sister Harriet
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh as Chava Apfelbaum
Hunters Season 2 Trailer + What to expect_
Image Courtesy of Prime Video

Any thoughts about Hunters Season 2?

We are here to give you all the updates on the aforementioned series and more. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content, and feel free to reach out with any and all sorts of queries.

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