The world of superheroes has been lifted upside down and inside out by the recent surge of the antihero niches in pop culture. The ones on the front lines taking charge of this revolution are primarily The Boys in Amazon Prime. Another similar feat is achieved by a similar show in Prime Videos that puts a more gore-filled mature tint to the legacy of animated superheroes. We bring to you the news of Invincible by Robert Kirkman having a game developed by the creators of The Walking Dead Final Season game – Skybound.

Skybound previously took charge of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead game adaptation left by Telltale

The Walking Dead Final Season by Telltale
The Walking Dead Final Season by Telltale games

Invincible is a comic book original by Robert Kirkman, also famously known for the stellar works of the zombie apocalyptic series The Walking Dead. A game based on the franchise was developed by Telltale games. Until of course telltale eventually faced bankruptcy and had to leave the final rendition of The Walking Dead game midway.

Yet what they left behind was a work of pure genius, revered by critics and fans alike as a cult following started to revolve around the game. When telltale declared bankruptcy and had to withdraw from releasing the final episode of the four-episode game, Skybound took the charge.

Skybound is making a game based on Invincible by Robert Kirkman

The Invincible by Robert Kirkman
Screengrab Courtesy of Daryl Dixon TV (via YouTube)

Skybound developed the final episode of the final season of the 4 seasoned series of The Walking Dead game. Taking the helm of a great game left behind by a company that can no longer function is a serious task and Skybound hardly disappointed.

As such today we rejoice upon hearing that the American game company is on yet another voyage to adapt Robert Kirkman’s amazing world of fiction into a game.

Invincible is a compelling story about a very complexly mature Superhero universe

The Invincible by Robert Kirkman
Photo Courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes

Invincible was published in 2003. Although the series ended in 2018, it wasn’t until 2021 that would become a hit. The Prime Videos exclusive Invincible TV series made rounds in the critical field as praises hit for its narration, pacing, storyline, character development, animation, sound score, and writing. Almost about everything that a story could possibly do right, it did.

What is the story of Invincible?

mark and omni man in the invincible
featuring Mark and his dad Omni-Man, Image Courtesy: IMDb
  • Invincible told the story of Mark who was born to the world’s strongest man – Omni Man.
  • At first, Omni-Man comes off as a galactic inhabitant that had wandered into Earth, similar to Superman, and possesses a good heart.
  • It is only in the latter half of the first episode that the series introduces us to the menace and prestige of the annihilator that Omni Man actually is.

What could Invincible Game by Skybound be about?

featuring Omni man in Robert Kirkman creator of The Walking Dead by telltale and skybound
Omni Man’s origin as shown in the series, courtesy of Prime Videos

The possibilities for Invincible by Robert Kirkman game seem to be a leaf branching off of the remnants of The Walking Dead. The primary reason why Telltale games won millions of hearts is because of the calculating story that it pulled off in an acoustically reverberating manner. That’s a complex way of saying that the game’s main pull is its narrative and story-driven choice-based gameplay than its animating counterpart.

What first seems to be a CGI-drawn animation quickly turns into one of the most captivating stories ever told within the system of a game. As such we can expect a similar feat from Invincible Game.

Invincible game by Skybound will probably feature a non-comic, game-original character

The Walking Dead telltale skybound is making The Invincible by Robert Kirkman
The Walking Dead Season 1 by Telltale games features Lee and Clementine
  • The major characters of The Walking Dead game by Telltale (later adopted by Skybound Entertainment) seemed to be not based on the comics.
  • While some major characters like Glenn did make an appearance in the first season of the game, Clementine and Lee – the two main forces of the first season were a game original.

As such it is likely that Invincible by Robert Kirkman will find a different storyline that will be based on the main story; but not feature Mark as the main character.


The Walking Dead by Telltale games remains even today as one of my most memorable experiences of ever diving into a game, not knowing what it would give me. The game actually accentuated the series into my being, as I quickly picked the series up after finishing the game. The story told through the eyes of Clementine as she journeys off of different groups trying to survive in a world devoid of life and full of lifeless corpses touches you in unexpected ways.

Similarly, Invincible also builds off of the peculiarities of a Superhuman world and pulls the question – What if Earth’s mightiest defender is its greatest enemy? As such it is exciting to ponder upon how Skybound will tackle developing the game. We wish them the best of luck.

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