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Sex Education would be one of the most surprisingly successful shows on Netflix if one were to peep from the outside. A show that revolves around a group of teenagers in a small town in England, with no superpowers, murders, or violence whatsoever to pass for the action genre, Sex Education proved to be one of the most entertaining shows on the platform due to its heart and warmth of its characters. 

A show that focuses on staying true to its ideology, the show has garnered global success due to its raw and unstigmatized outlook on sexual intercourse. Along the raunchy, carnal activities that we see on the show, Sex Education has proved to have undertones of an innocent and childlike love that gives us a hug of warmth while watching it. 

Sex Education: Otis Milburn’s complicated love triangle 

One of the most successful tropes of Sex Education is that a character such as Otis Milburn could be as popular as he is right now. Having two of the most good-looking girls in school want a meek, sensitive, shy, yet undeniably kind boy is a dream that transcends the show itself. 

Otis and Maeve have been fan favorites from seasons 1-2. The business relationship that blossoms into friendship and unrequited love on both ends tugged at viewers’ heartstrings. The romantic undertones and dynamically established between the two at the show’s start were refreshing to watch for views oversaturated with cheesy and cringe interpretations of young love in shows. 

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As appealing as Maeve’s empowered female character resonated with fans, the fanbase got dealt a hand they never wanted but never knew they needed. Things took a complete 180 after Otis slept with the sassy, dramatic, and self-obsessed queen, Ruby Sparks. The instant chemistry Ruby and Otis shared was fresh air from Maeve and Otis. 

Sex Education Season 3 left us in pieces

After the awkward confession of her love for Ruby to Otis, fans were incredibly disheartened to see a character like Ruby. She went so well with Otis to end in a rather heartbreaking manner. However, things got kicked into another route, with Otis and Maeve kissing for the first time in the show after the lanky sex guru finally confesses what was in his message. 

Screengrab from Netflix (Sex Education S3)

The end of the season left Otis’s love life in perpetual uncertainty. Things took a turn in his life after he broke up with Ruby and is left back by Maeve, who went to the States to complete her education. With a new sibling in his family and a broken relationship with two of his love interests, Otis Milburn’s fate of ending up with one of them seems equal in all rights. 

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The show, however, has left fans divided. One side of them wants to see Otis end up with Maeve as she was his first love. The other half wants to see him end up with Ruby. This is largely due to her outgoing personality perfectly complimenting his introverted personality, and not to deny the chemistry between them both. 

That being said, Sex Education S3 will likely drop in early 2023, with many unanswered questions and, as usual, lots and lots of sex…

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