Slow Horses Season 3 Teaser trailer – What you missed

Acting elite Gary Oldman, who stars in Slow Horses, recently wrapped up the show’s second season on Apple TV+. The season ended with a bang and gave us a peek into what’s to come next, hinting at the fact that the thrill is nowhere close to ending. The fans have been more than excited with the release of the trailer for Season 3 of Slow Horses.

Gary Oldman, our very own Sirius Black, is coming back with another season of his spy thriller drama. And we expect it to be anything but absolutely mind-blowing. Here’s everything we know so far about the highly anticipated Season 3 of Slow Horses:

Slow Horses Season 3 Teaser trailer - What you missed
Image Courtesy by Apple TV+

Slow Horses Season 3 Teaser Trailer

“Secrets will always come out, there will always be a reckoning.”

The teaser can’t get any more gripping than it is. The thrill and the rush are stronger than ever with all the secrets, theories, conspiracies, and more. Check out the teaser and buckle up for the upcoming ride through the crazy town:

What is Slow Horses all about?

Slow Horses follows a bunch of MI5 agents who have been transferred to the Slough House, a seemingly stagnant department for the ‘rejects’. The department is headed by Jackson Lamb, who himself gives a lot of Ebenezer Scrooge vibes. If you know you know.

But things didn’t take long to become interesting and the Slow Horses become involved in investigations around threats that endanger Britain. Season 3 will bring back the team together as they endanger their lives in yet another mystery when Catherine Standish goes missing.

Slow Horses Season 3 Teaser trailer - What you missed
Image Courtesy of Apple TV+

When will the upcoming season be released?

Though the teaser of the upcoming season has been out, there isn’t an official release date as of now. However, based on the time difference between the release of the previous two seasons, it shouldn’t be much longer. It is most probable for the new episodes to be released sometime in late 2023.

Who is in the cast?

Slow Horses Season 3 Teaser trailer - What you missed
Image Courtesy of Apple TV+

The detailed list of the third season’s cast hasn’t been released. However, the following regulars are sure to make a comeback:

  • Gary Oldman as Jackson Lamb
  • Jack Lowden as River Cartwright
  • Kristin Scott Thomas as Diana Taverner

Will there be a fourth season of Slow Horses?

Good news for the spy thriller fans, the series has been renewed not just for the third season but a fourth as well. The fourth season will be based on the fourth book in the Slough House series of novels by Mick Herron. As per what we know, it will be subtitled Spook Street.

Any thoughts about Slow Horses Season 3?

We are here to give you all the updates on the aforementioned series and more. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content, and feel free to reach out with any and all sorts of queries.

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