Spy x Family: How the powers of Anya and Bond work together explained

Bond and Anya

The world of Spy x Family has introduced multiple moments where Anya’s flustered and clumsy tactics make the fans throw their tables off, just for the sheer amount of cuteness overloaded in the scenes. Spy x Family makes traditional use of the structure of the family, takes the most extravagant spy spices, and mixes everything just in the right amount. With the recent addition to the Forger family being a new pet dog, we ask a vital question. How do Spy x Family Bond and Anya’s powers work together?

P.S all the images featured are snapshots from Muse Asia’s Youtube Channel

The origin of Spy x Family Bond who is Anya’s new friend

Project apple in spy x family
Project apple, Ostanian government’s finest program for building high IQ pets for missions, snapped via crunchyroll

The origin of Bond is overdue to its Spy-cliche origin. With themes that cross typical governmental agency conspiracy tropes. Our furry pet before he got to Anya’s doorstep was named Experimental Subject no 8.

  • Apparently, he is part of something called Project Apple which was the Ostanian Government’s secret program.
  • The secret state fund project experimented on different trained pets to produce the finest lines of genetically modified breeds. The program got disbanded when the Ostanian government died and rebranded.
  • The experimented pets weren’t put to sleep but were instead sold on the Black Market.

The origin of Anya in Spy x Family and her powers 

Anya as seen in Episode 13, via crunchyroll

Anya was adopted by Loid in an attempt to solve his crisis of needing a family for an important mission, which is the primary basis of the entire premise. In the spy’s view, she is an important asset for the completion of the mission. (Thought this changes as the series progresses and Loid grows closer and more emotional to his daughter.)

Anya’s adoption revolved in an orphanage. It has been revealed that prior to that she was an experimental test subject of some unknown organization. Her powers include telepathy – the ability to read others’ thoughts. As such she is completely aware of the identity of Both loid as a genius spy and her mother, a fiery assassin.

This is where the story of Bond in Spy x Family connects to Anya. 

Anya and Bond, courtesy of Animeiko youtube channel

Bond meets Anya after she looks into his mind as he was randomly passing by a dog adoption shelter. Bond was planned to be the means for the isolationist student organization that seeks to bring their Ostanian country’s greatness back. Upon seeing into Bond’s mind, Anya sees visions of the future. Astounded, Anya follows the dog only to end up right in the ploy of the terrorist’s dog bomb plan.

Now, what exactly is going on here? We got you covered.

How does Anya and Bond’s power work together?

The basic formula is simple, like putting 2 and 2 together.

  1. Anya is a telepath and can read the thoughts of everyone if she focuses. She can also catch glimpses of whims and random spurs.
  2. Bond is a clairvoyant – he can see into the future. As such the duo works fantastically well.

Anya naturally makes up for the lack in Bond’s cognitive abilities

Anya and Bond in Spy x Family
Anya sees the clocktower in Bond’s clairvoyant visions

Bond as a dog is incapable of human speech although he has been shown to be very understanding. The giant white furry pet was grown and trained to be an army dog, a state’s secret experimentation. Hence the dog is quite intelligent, as seen by how he is capable of understanding whatever Anya wishes to communicate. Although it may be for the convenience of story writing and not such a major detail, it is still something worth considering.

Anya sees the visual image of whatever Bond imagines (or thinks)

Anya sees the death of loid in Spy x Family
Anya sees a vision of her and her mother who are broken after Loid’s future death.

Our pink telepath can hence perfectly translate and interpret whatever Bond wishes to say. Even more, because Dogs innately do not (probably) think in language, they visualize. Hence thought is not a proper term for dogs.

The faculty of language is not available to them but seeing and envisioning should definitely be part of their biome. Hence why when Anya tries to read Bond’s thoughts she sees the future.

Bond sees the future and Anya tries to change it

Bond and Anya tired after running to solve the bomb
Bond is tired after carrying Anya and running til they reach the clock tower.

Anya and Bond work perfectly in a combo. Bond can foresee future events but has fewer tools to use to change that future. Anya despite being a child is still human and can do things a dog wouldn’t be able to do.

What about changing timelines?

Bond in Spy x Family
Bond helps Anya by lifting her up into the secret passage inside the wired room.

Now the greatest problem with trying to see time in the future is that it is bound to change. When Anya sees a vision of herself and her mother without Loid, she is shocked. She then further sees through Bond’s clairvoyance that Loid will soon die in a bomb blast near a building that has a clock tower.

Anya sees Bond’s visions change twice

Bond and Anya in Spy x Family
Bond stops Anya before she is clumsily about to open the very door that contains the bomb despite having seen the future where her father dies due to committing the same mistake. She is stopped by Bond who barks as loudly as he could.

Upon reaching the tower that she sees in Bond’s visions, she makes a desperate attempt to warn an approaching Loid from opening a door wired with a bomb. She eventually succeeds and upon looking at Bond’s vision again sees an image of the three of them together.

It should be noted that Anya can’t always see through her dog’s abilities. Bond just like Anya does not use his powers all the time. Instead, they have to focus and concentrate to do so. Upon reaching the clock tower, Anya desperately tries to ask Bond to show her the future again but fails as a tired Bond can hardly get up.

Anya can also read the thoughts of pets

Bond in Spy x Family
Bond helps Anya by lifting her up into the secret passage inside the wired room.

Bond is intelligent but he isn’t capable of speech in any way. Although it is to be noted that Anya is capable of understanding even the thoughts of animals in human speech. This was made evident in Spy x Family Episode 14 where Anya’s gloves were taken by a bulldog of an elder in the dog park. Upon their confrontation, the dog barked which translated inside Anya’s mind as “I found, I keep”.

Anya gets a sense of what the pet is saying and then translates it into her own words

Anya and Bond
Anya realizes she cannot read the clock, albeit one instance where Bond cannot help her.

This is a crafty translation given that the dog’s bark was interpreted from Anya’s perspective of what the dog could say. As such it feels that she hears the inner gist of what the animal is trying to say and is able to translate it into words. As a comparison, imagine seeing the hand signs of a mute and then translating what they are trying to say into words.

Once again Anya and Bond work together as Bond simply stares into the bulldog. Immediately the bulldog is taken back scrunching its tail beneath its legs. The dog didn’t know that Bond isn’t that fearsome, other than his appearance.

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