Star Wars: Baylan Skoll’s True Mission Might Influence the Jedi Order’s Future

Star Wars: Baylan Skoll's True Mission Might Influence the Jedi Order's Future

Baylan Skoll’s actions in the first season of Ahsoka have sparked numerous speculations regarding his role in the Jedi Order, and there is growing curiosity about whether his character will have a significant impact in the Star Wars show’s second season. While his true mission remains veiled in mystery, there are intriguing connections between Baylan and the Jedi Order, leading to speculations about his role in ensuring the Force’s future Balance.

Ahsoka Season 1 introduced an enigmatic quest for Baylan Skoll, an idea that immediately took off as soon as the Grey Jedi parted ways with Grand Admiral Thrawn. His mysterious mission is later teased in the season finale as it might involve the pursuit of the Mortis gods hidden on the planet Peridea.

Baylan Skoll Might Be Looking For The Mortis Gods to Revive the Jedi Order

The Mortis gods were initially introduced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where they were depicted as entities that controlled the Balance in the Force itself. If Baylan has indeed discovered their sanctuary on Peridea, it could signify his ability to reshape the fundamental nature of the Force, posing significant implications for the entire Star Wars universe.


Baylan Skoll’s intentions are shrouded in secrecy, and while he occasionally drops hints to his apprentice Shin Hati, he refrains from disclosing his true objectives. He shares a desire to bring an end to the ongoing conflict between the Light and Dark sides of the Force but has yet to provide substantial details on how he plans to achieve this goal. It is evident that his experiences during Order 66 played a pivotal role in shaping his current path. Although he insists that neither he nor Shin are Jedi, there is a possibility that he maintains a deeper connection to the Jedi Order.

The Mortis gods may be intrinsically tied to the origins of the Jedi themselves, as Baylan believes the origin of the Force cycle lies in Peridea. If this is indeed the case, Baylan may not only be in search of the beginning of the Force cycle but also the foundational origins of the Jedi Order.

Baylan’s Mission Possibly Teased By His Own Name

Interestingly, even Baylan’s name teases his possible pursuit as it takes inspiration from the Norse mythical wolf who was constantly chasing after the sun. Having witnessed the Jedi Order’s downfall, Baylan could be pursuing the dawn of the Jedi.

If the Jedi Order can trace its roots to Peridea, Baylan would become one of the first Jedi in millennia to return to the Order’s origins. His profound connection to the Jedi may instinctively draw him to the planet, similar to the way the Purrgil journey to Peridea to meet their end.

As for now, Baylan’s true mission remains a subject of speculation among Star Wars fans. However, his actions in Ahsoka Season 2 could significantly impact the course of events in the Star Wars sequels. For now, the second season has not yet been announced, but fans eagerly await news of the show’s renewal as they continue to delve into the mysteries surrounding Baylan Skoll and his quest.

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