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In a world filled with terror, corruption, pollution, and war, a group of powerful heroes will always be there to save the day. As the popular saying goes, “Heroes are not born, they are made”. Well, ‘The Boys’ took it literally. We all know these so-called “supes” are made in a lab- by injecting a serum into newborn children called “Compound V”.

Long story short, some kids turn out to be the regular adults but with random superpowers – then there’s “The Seven”, a group of Earth’s mightiest heroes tasked to save the world from danger and incoming threats. Since its foundation, there have been a lot of changes in The Seven’s roster. With that being said, let’s all take a look at where each member, whether a current or a former one, ranks in our list. Please also take note that this is a personal ranking and is based according to the events on the TV adaptation of The Boys.

Ranking Past and Present Members of The Seven

10. Translucent

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In the first season of The Boys, we saw Hughie’s first kill – his first of many. As surprising as the show already was, it became even more shocking that Hughie (and the boys) would punk Translucent’s ass (pun intended).

Translucent is the invisible guy in The Seven. Well, he does not necessarily become invisible, his skin just turns into a carbon metamaterial that bends light making it look like invisible. Aside from that, his body also becomes the toughest material every time he changes his skin, making him super invulnerable. Because of that, he is one of the toughest supes to kill in the series.

Why is he ranked last on the list then?

Apart from being invisible and having diamond-hard skin, we don’t actually see any true purpose to his powers aside from being a pervert in the women’s bathrooms. Yes, he can become invisible every now and then and become a spy or whatever, but if it becomes a bloodbath between the supes and/or Butcher’s boys, Translucent is better at escaping than fighting. Also, his death in the first season supports that he’s the weakest among the pack.

9. The Deep

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Oh, my sweet summer child! Just look at those man-gills!

Even though Earth is made up of 70% water and 97% of that consists of our oceans, we have to give the shorter end of the stick to The Deep by putting him at number 9.

Throughout the series, The Deep is constantly getting his fair share of publicity. May it be a positive or a negative thing to Vought and The Seven, it still is publicity. The Deep is a parody of Marvel’s Namor and DC’s Aquaman who both are ocean-dwelling superheroes. Although he is in the same sentence as the both of them, The Deep is a chum bucket compared to those sharks.

The Deep can breathe underwater and communicate with sea creatures plus he can also control them. If the battle is beneath the surface of the ocean, that would be awesome for The Deep, but, unfortunately, we don’t see fights spawn from the Mariana Trench much often, do we?

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8. Supersonic

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Alex, also known as Supersonic (formerly known as Drummer boy) was the newest member of The Seven until he got pretty mauled by Homelander. Unfortunately, we never got to see the depths of Supersonic’s powers.

Luckily, those who read The Boys comics knew how strong he is. Supersonic relies on his superhuman strength and his special power: Sonic Clap. When Alex claps, he creates a sonic wave that has a magnitude that can destroy or kill everything along its path (if he wishes to).

Plus, Supersonic can sing and dance, so I guess that’s a bonus?

7. Lamplighter

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The pyrokinesis specialist in The Boys was a retired member of The Seven as portrayed in the first season. But, later on, we have learned that he is still working with Vought and is still pulling some strings for the pharmaceutical company.

Ranked 7th in this list, Lamplighter has the power to bend fire in his surroundings. It’s not the best offensive weapon, but it is surely super deadly (just ask Grace Mallory). He can create the strongest flames even with a nick of friction.

On a side note, it’s very ironic that the actor who portrayed Lamplighter is the same guy who played Ice Man in the X-Men movies. Hmmm, interesting.

6. A-Train

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“The fastest man alive, what a ****** joke.” – Homelander

The Speedster used to be the fastest, but now, he can’t even run. Due to his abuse of compound V, A-Train severely damaged his heart, and the next time he runs like he used to, he would immediately die due to cardiac arrest.

Before all of that happened, A-Train was a legit superhero. Though all he does is run, he can also be a huge threat to enemies. Truthfully, his former self was a huge prick but deep inside, he still is human.

To add, A-Train is very much like DC’s Flash. They can run incredibly fast, even faster than the speed of sound, and as speedsters, they can also heal quickly. But, after Kimiko broke A-Train’s legs, he became useless. If he did not take more compound V, he won’t be able to do anything aside from watching his team from the sides.

5. Starlight

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Hughie’s girlfriend, Annie January, most commonly known as “Starlight” is probably the only supe with strong morals in The Boys series. Annie cares about saving the people and not the fame and popularity. She’s also very kind, and thoughtful, and wants to change the world for the better.

Starlight has the power to harness electrical energy from her surroundings and use them as energy blasts to maim, blind, and injure enemies. Aside from that, she also has superhuman strength, ultra durability, and quick regenerative ability.

America’s sweetheart has been on a tight rope after plotting to kill Homelander and quitting The Seven. Although her powers may not come on par with some of the supes in The Seven, her being able to stand up to what is right is what makes her stand out from others. As Stan Edgar (Vought’s former CEO) told Starlight, “Real power isn’t this (pertaining to Starlight’s energy blasts). It’s the ability to bend the world to your will.”

4. Queen Maeve

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Wonder Woman, errr, Queen Maeve used to be the second strongest member of The Seven. Well, that was before Stormfront came into the picture. Maeve, who was the former love interest of Homelander was revealed to be a lesbian. Her only concern is that she cares about the people she loves and it’s a weakness for her. She appears to be playing both sides, but the truth is, she also wants to make a difference in the world. Deep down, she’s a kind and thoughtful person, it’s just that Homelander, Vought, and The Seven, took over her life.

Maeve is super strong and super durable and can take hits from The Seven’s captain, Homelander. More so, she’s a great hand-to-hand fighter with advanced combat skills very similar to DC’s Wonder Woman.

In the third season, we are left wondering where Maeve could be after being kidnapped by Black Noir and Homelander. Is Maeve still alive?

3. Black Noir

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The masked crusader who lurks in the shadows while fighting crime and evil – BAT … Black Noir! We almost got you there, didn’t we?

Black Noir is definitely an enigma in The Boys. Very little is known about this guy since he does not talk that much – scratch that, not at all. As seen in previous seasons, Noir has strength similar to Maeve and is also extremely durable even against some of the strongest supes in town (i.e. Kimiko). What’s even more fantastic is Noir’s fighting skills are second to none. Not even Soldier Boy nor Maeve nor Homelander can come close to his skills.

In the comics, Noir was revealed to be Homelander’s clone made to keep the star-spangled superhero in check. It also appeared in the comics that Noir was able to kill Homelander in a very bloody battle. Since we are talking about the TV adaptation of Black Noir, we are going to have to rank him a bit lower than Homelander. Plus, it also helps that Noir seems to be afraid of his former teammate, Soldier Boy, as he goes AWOL after learning that Soldier Boy is back for vengeance.

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2. Stormfront

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If not for Ryan (Homelander and Becca Butcher’s son), Stormfront would still be gracing The Seven as well as The Boys with her rather electrifying presence.

Believe it or not, Stormfront does not age. Her real name was Klara Risinger and she was formerly known as the supe “Liberty” during the ’80s. According to the history books, Klara Risinger, who was married to Frederick Vought (Vought Corp. founder) was the first adult person to be injected with compound V.

Stormfront’s power was revealed in the second season of The Boys. Her supers strength makes her strong enough to be invulnerable against Homelander’s laser eyes. Aside from that, he also prides herself in creating electrical charges out of thin air through Plasma manipulation. In addition to that, she is one of the supes in this series who has the ability to fly.

She also has the personality of being a people person who fights for justice and equality. But, her dark side would be later revealed that she was a Neo-Nazi, a fascist, and a rampant racist. Amongst all the characters who have joined The Seven, Stormfront is an absolute second to the number one supe in this list.

1. Homelander

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What if Superman goes rogue?

We might not agree on who should be ranked from 10 to 2, but we can all agree that Homelander is the most powerful superhero in The Seven, thus being ranked first in the list. It’s a no-brainer!

Some people think Homelander is a Captain America and Superman crossover while some he’s just a cheap knockoff. Well, spoiler alert, he’s the freakin’ upgrade! At least according to him.

Homelander’s powers and abilities:

  • Laser Eyes/Heat Vision
  • Super Hearing
  • Flight
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Extreme Durability
  • Invincibility
  • Super Strength
  • Leadership

The supposed true American hero is not just the strongest in The Seven, he could even be the strongest in The Boys series. He’s extremely powerful that he can take over the world and turn it into ashes if he wishes to.

Even an upgraded Soldier Boy and suped-up Hughie and Butcher could not take him down. So far, there has been no proven physical weakness in Homelander. Instead, him being emotionally unstable and being a headcase is the only thing stopping this guy from going all out against every man and woman on Earth.

On the other hand, The Seven is slowly falling apart.

With Maeve missing, Black Noir going AWOL, Starlight calling it quits, A-Train could be possibly dead, Supersonic now deceased, Homelander becoming more unstable and lunatic by the day, and The Deep, well, he is just there.

In the team’s current situation, Stan Edgar could be right all along. However, Soldier Boy is back from the dead, and Hughie and Butcher seem to be enjoying the moment. What more could we expect in the upcoming episodes? What’s next for Homelander after getting badly beat up by the trio of Soldier Boy, Billy Butcher, and Hughie?

Do you agree with our list? If you have any questions about the Amazon Original series ‘The Boys’, don’t hesitate to keep us posted. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.  

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