If you’ve found it in yourself to steer through The Boys‘ intentionally laid extravagant gore and sensations, you may have reached a culminating point. This is the point where Maeve slides Homelander’s ass like a predator grabbing that deer. It’s about at this point that you will believe me when I tell you that Homelander is a man-child with abandonment trauma.

Home fookin lander is like the serial ripper of the blue moon that arises every once in a while. The blue moon is the hope that occurs every once in a while for ordinary humans but mainly, The Boys. Homelander lands through supes’ guts and hearts like he’s catching a fish from the sea (with his bare hands.) Don’t even ask me what he does with ordinary powerless humans.

Homelander is A Hurt Individual, Unhealed and Half-Grown Psychologically

Half of the time you’re watching the darned show (and darned in one of its better senses, not that the show is bad pfft!) you’re at the edge of your seat. Did you think Hughie chickens off against Homelander? No! you do too. For god’s sake, so do I! But that’s only if you’ve seen the first season of The Boys which, truth be told had only begun to touch the surface of what lies beyond Homelander’s existence.

Now believe me when I tell you – The Boys’ Homelander is no psychopath. He’s a hurt individual, perhaps one deserving of even at some point, empathy. But that doesn’t mean his sins are forgiven.

The Boys Homelander and Starlight
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Our Initial Impression of Homelander is That of Superman Like Calibre

Man of Steel and Homelander

  • Obviously, The Boys’ Homelander is a Superman rip-off. A kid who’s never seen a scene of The Boys will tell you that this is a Superman parody. But even the most bedecked superhero moviegoer will tremble at the expanse of Homelander’s initial entry in the series.
  • There’s this sense of composture and evil lurking behind his heroic smile. Of course, the series eventually shows what a villain he is, but for the first few minutes of the first episode of The Boys, you’re kinda bought.

I for one had massive respect for Homelander from the get-go. Of course, that changed, why else would I call him a scaredy-cat (civil for pussy) that has yet to outgrow mommy issues. But the first impression you have of Homelander is that of a composed man who’s seen the ends of the world. His philosophy should be so sublime that it will render you immobile. His aura so shining that he’s a walking god among men. Or so you think. Or so I thought.

The Point Where You Know What ‘The Boys’ is Trying to Achieve

You know that this is not a series for kids the moment A-Train runs through Robin. The splashes of flesh that smother through Hughie’s awe-struck, jaw-drop tears jerking face is one that grabs you by the hook.

  • The Boys nerves into you what it is here to do, and that is not to give you a happy past-meal time family show. By the point Homelander makes his entry, you’re halfway into understanding that there’s more to superheroes than what meets the eye.
  • Even if you’ve not been initiated into the plot through a summary before you started watching it, you can tell that much at least. The moment you see Homelander enter, you know that this guy is not your usual Superman.
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Homelander is The Villain Who Never Had Character Development

  • He’s more along the kins of Omniman and man! Omniman is a nightmare. But what separates him from Omniman’s blood-boiling aura? The Boys’ Homelander is a kid pretending to be a man.
  • He’s got raw strength and unbelievable Supe powers that allows March 20 flight or laser-eyes, but that’s the end of it. Homelander is the villain who never had character development.
Omniman and Homelander
Omniman against Homelander
  • You can see what a man-child vs an actual adult confrontation is like when Homelander tries to subdue Stan Edgar in a battle of passive dominance. Despite being a normal human, Edgar completely crushes Homelander to the point his face crawls up to a near-crying level.

Homelander is Not A Psychopath

  • Now it frightens me to the point the strands of my body hair straighten – what a force would Homelander be if he have had proper psychological and character growth? What kind of a person would he be if he was a complete psycho maniac devoid of any human empathy?
  • Now it isn’t that he isn’t this, but he is more of a hurt individual. He isn’t completely devoid of emotions, contrary to what psychopathic tendencies are defined as and understood in Psychology.
Homelander Angry stance
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Omniman is the reverse categorization of this, but more of that later [I can’t sponge all my sources in only one article can I? 😉 ]

Homelander Has An Inner Child That Still Yearns For Love

homelander the boys
Screengrab Courtesy of Solcher Derbeer (via YouTube)
  • Homelander’s hurt inner child is reflected through his obsession with milk. To the point, he once detoured a farm adjacent to his scheduled workplace to have a spill of that good ol’ cow momma milk. 

What Growing Without a Mother Does to You

Homelander and Stillwell
Homelander and Stillwell
  • The milk obsession seems to me to be more of a subconscious metaphor that relates to his desire to be loved by a mother. This is made even more evident through the different adaptations of Homelander’s story where his time growing up as a lab test subject is shown.
  • Jonah Vogelbaum who personally supervised Homelander’s childhood confirmed that Homelander is an example of the dangers of growing a supe without a mom. 

Homelander’s Son is The Closest Thing to Love He’s Ever Going to Get

Homelander with his Son Ryan The Boys
Homelander and Ryan, collected from Fiction Horizon
  • Maeve hated him and had to pretend to love him out of the fear she had of him. It was only when she was so drought with hopelessness that she decided to go for a suicide jump did she fight Homelander.
  • Madelyn Stillwell only used him as a corporate asset, a capital, and a risk factor – a walking weapon of mass destruction.
  • Stormfront loved him only so that she could continue her lineage of Nazi ideology. The only thing closest to love Homelander’s ever gotten is his son.
Screengrab Courtesy of Solcher Derbeer (via YouTube)

It may also come off that his love for his son is one based on selfishness. It may come off that Homelander is actually trying to fill a void in his own life by trying to be a father when he never had one (ahem ahem). Yet in Season 3, it really hits you when Homelander shows that he actually cares for Ryan.

Now, it isn’t that far from reality that all parents to some degree love their children in the essence of selfishness. Every parent sees their children as an extension of themselves, their own flesh and bones. In this regard, Homelander’s selfishness isn’t unjustified. Ryan is a projection of all the love he never had, that he’s trying to give to his son. In this sense, I come to respect Homelander, simply out of the sheer relatability and vulnerability of his character. 


Photo Courtesy of comicvine.gamespot.com

The Boys’ Homelander is a force to be reckoned with. Yet he is not completely out of depth. His character isn’t shallow, it’s actually excellent. The role he is playing in the storyline portrays him as shallow. But by no means is his origins lacking. Homelander is an excellent foe because I believe the finest villains are those for whom you can feel empathy. Even if, for a glimmer of a moment, still.

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