The death of Hange Zoe: Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 gives a heartbreaking end to a series favorite

The death of Hange Zoe Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 gives a heartbreaking end to a series favorite

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 witnesses a bulge of heroic charismatics. And the one who wins it all is the former commander of the Survey Corps. Hange Zoe’s death in the Final Season’s Part 3 that just came out has been staggering. It has left fans in nothing short of awe.

Is Hange Zoe dead or alive
Hange Zoe in the Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3 trailer

Hange Zoe dies fanatically. Although quite ritualistically. For she dies, in the same way, Erwin Smith did, and Armin Arlert almost did before being given the Colossal Titan shifting powers, thus reviving him back.

Perhaps ultimately paving a dangerous metaphor – that the commanders of the Survey Corps always had to burn themselves for the victory of their troops. A theme that has been enamored timelessly by the slogan – Shinzou Sasageyo!

A remembrance of what Attack on Titan used to be about

The awe seems to derive from Hange Zoe’s relentless capability as a Titan fighting. The recent regress of Attack on Titan has been more into politics, Eren Jeager’s Rumbling, and a more humanized angle than its Titan counterpart.

And I mean this in the context that ever since the beginning, Shingeki No Kyojin revolved itself around Titan action. The entire point was how one could be a better Titan killer. How one can, for instance, maneuver using their 3D gear and fly around, swinging, slicing the Titan’s neck.

When did human politics even begin?

The onset of Season 3 of the series may have introduced the idea that the villains are not really Titans. Introducing characters like Rod Reiss, Kenny Ackerman, and obviously, the Beast Titan went a long way. The audience was manipulatively pulled into a mesh of Titans only being artificial weapons of the Marleyiyan project. 

Why this is relevant because Hange Zoe’s death was not a blue one. Although deaths have never been epic all the time (As seen in the case of Sasha Blouse, who was shot in her head after their mission ended). This one got its due.

Why Hange Zoe received a dramatic death

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 3
Hange Zoe upon catching fire due to the extreme heat emitted by the colossal titans, image via Studio Mappa

We already covered the spoilers for how she died, in this article, which you may read here.

  • Prior to her demise, she weaves through and through. For the first time since the beginning of Attack on Titan, she must be the only human who has solo killed multiple Colossal Titans.
  • Using one trampled Colossal which falls flat on its foot, she traps multiple others who were behind him. Although amidst 100 titanic humanoids marching towards death and decay, such fanatics are only temporary relief.

Why Hange Zoe’s death was not pointless

Image courtesy of Mappa Studio

But temporary is what was required. As Hange Zoe paved way for the team of Eldians and Marleyians comprising of our oldest Scout members, and the recently introduced Marleyiyans, to escape. They were repairing the only aircraft they got their hands upon in the marching tomb of Marley lands.

Hange Zoe easily takes down multiple colossal titans, but how?

Hange Zoe's death
Image courtesy of Mappa Studio

Hange Zoe did not only trample the 60-meter-tall colossal. She also easily swung their neck down. One might know that to kill a titan, its neck must be severed. From the neck, the titan dies.

  • Eren Jeager’s initial attempt to do the same ended miserably back in Season 1. Ever since we all wondered if it is even possible to kill a Colossal titan. The fight with Bertold back in Season 3 2nd cour was not easy.


But it seems that only being directed to walk made killing the Colossal Titans easier. As the Titans in themselves were not retaliating back. Although one’s only concern would be rising steam and endless heat. Which catches Hange Zoe’s cape first, setting her on fire.

And as she burns into ashes, she takes her last breath and marches into saving her friends by allowing their escape. For only 2 more seconds, they make the drill and escape.

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