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Fans of “The Last of Us” were thrilled when it was announced that the show would be renewed for a second season. However, details are still scarce on whether it will cover all or part of the second game. In a recent interview, showrunner Craig Mason gave some insight into what fans can expect from the upcoming season.

Did the Ending Stay True to the Game’s Storyline?

Mason revealed that he and Neil Druckmann, the creator of the “The Last of Us” video game, are still figuring out how to approach the second season. “It’s more than a season’s worth of television for sure,” Mason said. While he didn’t give any specific details, fans can expect the upcoming season to be just as thrilling and intense as the first.

    • Ellie’s Mother Anna and Her Storyline

      • While we wait for more information on the second season, fans can look forward to the current season’s finale. In the most recent episode, we follow Ellie’s mother Anna as she’s stalked by an infected on the outskirts of Boston. Fans of the video game franchise will recognize Anna’s name from the opening scene of the first game.

      • The actress who played Ellie in the games, Ashley Johnson, also portrays Anna in the show. It’s an interesting connection between the two characters, and fans of the franchise will appreciate the nod to the original game.
    • Anna, A Nurse, Gives Birth on an Abandoned Farm

      • Anna is portrayed as a nurse in the show, which is a detail that was revealed in the “Left Behind” DLC of the video game. When we first see Anna in the show, she is pregnant and running from an infected. After her water breaks, she finds herself in an abandoned farm, where she eventually gives birth.
      • The scene is both poignant and suspenseful, with Anna defending herself against an infected while giving birth. Despite her efforts, the infected bites Anna, potentially explaining Ellie’s immunity since they were connected by the umbilical cord during the bite.
    • Symbolism in the Scene

      • There are several symbols and references in this scene that are worth noting. For example, the image of a tree can be seen in the background as Anna gives birth.
      • Trees are often used as symbols of life and growth, which is fitting considering Anna is about to give birth. On the other side of the door, however, is death in the form of an infected.
    • Anna’s Gift to Ellie

      • Before she dies, Anna gives Ellie a switchblade that she used to fend off the infected. This is the same switchblade that Ellie will eventually come into possession of in the first game.
      • In the American Dream Comics, Marlene passes on Anna’s knife to Ellie along with a note. While there is no note in the show, the gesture is still significant, as it adds more depth to the connection between Anna and Ellie.
    • Saint Mary’s Hospital

      • Joel and Ellie head towards Saint Mary’s Hospital, seeking a cure for the infected. Ellie is traumatized by killing David and unresponsive to Joel. Joel teaches Ellie to play the guitar as a way to distract her from the trauma of killing David in the previous episode. This guitar-playing becomes a significant aspect in The Last of Us Part II.
        • As they make their way towards the hospital, they pass through a building that was supposed to be demolished, which gives them a better idea of the land and helps them plan their route. This scene is a nod to the game’s predecessor, where Joel and Ellie go through an abandoned bus terminal instead.
        • Throughout the episode, there are subtle references to giraffes, which culminate in a memorable scene where Joel and Ellie encounter a real giraffe in the wild. This scene is a significant moment of connection between them and symbolizes hope and beauty in an otherwise bleak world.
      • The episode also sheds light on Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies, and her difficult choices. Marlene made the tough call to sacrifice Ellie’s mother, Anna, to ensure Ellie’s safety, who could hold the key to curing the infected. This decision haunts both Joel and Ellie, who face a similar dilemma in the show’s conclusion on whether to sacrifice Ellie to save humanity.

    • Look for the Light

      • A pivotal moment in the show occurs in episode 4, “Look for the Light,” when Joel steps into the sunlight. This rare occurrence of seeing Joel in a bright light aligns with the episode’s title.
        • Previous videos have theorized that the word “light” is a synonym for Ellie. Episode 1 features a scene where Ellie basks in light, and episode 2 shows her in a fetal position, also covered in light. Hence, while titled “Look for the Light,” it can also be “Look for Ellie,” as Joel seeks her throughout the show.
      • The “Look for the Light” theme ties into the Firefly motto, “When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light.” This is a motto that is clearly on display in front of Joel in episode 1. Since his daughter’s death, Joel has been searching for this light and finds it in the form of a connection he develops with Ellie. He realizes that the connection is what he has been looking for all along. Joel explains to Ellie that even when it feels like there’s nothing left to fight for, you must keep going. You find something new to fight for.
      • The development of Joel and Ellie’s relationship is central to the story of “The Last of Us.” At the beginning of the show, Joel is a hardened survivor who has lost everything. He’s cynical, jaded, and reluctant to take on Ellie as his companion. But over time, as they go on this journey together, Joel begins to open up to Ellie and develops a deep bond with her. He sees her as a surrogate daughter, and he’s willing to do anything to protect her.
    • Joel and Sarah

      • One of the most touching moments in the show is when Ellie gives Joel a picture of her and Sarah. This photo was given to her by Maria back at the hydroelectric Dam. Including this moment may have come across as preachy, especially considering Joel blurts out the moral of the story instead of having the viewer take it in on their own. However, it emphasizes the emotional connection between Joel and Ellie, and it’s a reminder of what they’ve both lost.
      • Another important moment in the show is when Joel gives Ellie the chance to turn back. They don’t have to go through with whatever’s ahead. They can go and live their lives back with Tommy in Wyoming. But Ellie doesn’t want everything they’ve gone through to have been in vain. Tess, Sam, and Henry all died to get her where she is today. Only after they’re done can they get that sheep Ranch Joel wants, or go to the moon, a callback to Ellie’s love for space.
    • Fireflies

      • Along the way, they encounter the Fireflies, a group of rebels who are working to find a cure for the infection. However, their search for a cure raises some serious ethical questions, which come to a head in the game’s climax.

      • At the game’s core, Joel is a smuggler tasked with escorting immune Ellie to the Fireflies’ HQ. The group aims to create a vaccine, but Joel decides to save Ellie and foil their plans.
      • Joel’s decision raises a number of complex ethical questions about choice and bodily autonomy. On one hand, the Fireflies believe that sacrificing Ellie is necessary to save humanity. On the other hand, Joel believes that saving Ellie is worth the risk, even if it means that a cure may never be found.
    • Joel’s Decision Making

      • One of the most striking things about Joel’s decision is that Ellie is never given a say in the matter. Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies, does not want to kill Ellie but believes that it is necessary for the greater good. However, Joel is not willing to sacrifice Ellie, even if it means dooming humanity to a post-apocalyptic existence.
      • Joel’s decision is not an easy one, and it raises serious questions about what it means to be human. Is it more important to save a single life or to sacrifice it for the greater good? Is it right to make decisions about someone else’s body without their consent?

The Last of Us explores complex ethical questions in a powerful and emotional way. Joel saves Ellie, setting the sequel’s foundation to delve deeper into the consequences of his actions. Joel’s decision raises ethical questions about bodily autonomy. The game’s exploration is a must-play for anyone interested in human complexities.

Final Thoughts

Fans of “The Last of Us” will no doubt be eagerly awaiting the release of the second season. Details on the upcoming season are limited, but Craig Mason assures fans it will match the intensity of the first. Meanwhile, viewers can enjoy the current season’s finale, providing further insight into the world and characters.

The Last of Us TV adaptation has the potential to explore the complexities of Joel’s decision and add new layers to the story

The game’s ending was already morally complex and emotionally charged, but the television adaptation of The Last of Us took it to a whole new level. The showrunners have been making a point to add context, nuance, and tragedy to the story, characters, and plot in every episode, which could mean that they will delve even deeper into Joel’s decision to save Ellie.

It’s possible that we’ll learn more about the doctors and their motivations, and that Ellie will realize that Joel lied to her about what happened at the clinic. It’s also possible that Marlene will survive and become a major player in the show’s storyline. The show’s creators seem to value the original game’s story and want to stay true to it, but they also want to add their own unique touches to make it stand out.

In conclusion, while the original game’s ending was already impactful and emotionally charged, the television adaptation of The Last of Us has the potential to take it to new heights. Fans of the game and newcomers alike will be eagerly awaiting each new episode to see how the story unfolds and how Joel and Ellie’s relationship develops in this new medium.

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