The Halloween special The Simpsons episode titled “Treehouse of Horror XXXIII” premiered on Sunday, October 30th. According to TVLine, the episode has garnered a total of 3.7 million views. Users uploaded the ten-minute-long clip to youtube which brewed further interesting comments. In The Simpsons Halloween Special episode, we witnessed as they completely reimagined the famous Japanese anime Death Note named Death Tome.

Season 34, Episode 6 The Simpsons Death Note parody Death Tome hits in the spots where it should. Reimagining a ‘woke’ environment-activist Lisa finds a mysterious notebook falling from the sky. Lisa is a reimagination of Lisa Amane from the original Death Note who was the second and only female Kira. Instead of burning a parody female version of Light Yagami, The Simpsons producers decided to remain creative.

What happens in the original Death Note?

Death Note
Original Death Note, courtesy of Crunchyroll

The story progression is quite the treat.

  • In the original anime Light Yagami is a student who stumbles upon the death note of a god of death.
    • Ryuk the Shinigami (God of Death) had let his death note fall from the other realm into Earth. Ryuk’s intentions were deliberate because thousands of years of his rest in his realm had made him incompetent and bored to death (ironic).
The Simpsons Death Note Parody
The Death Tome, via @TheSimpsons
  • Ryuk’s quest for quenching his thirst for boredom hits the right spot when Earth’s one of the most intelligent humans picks the Death Note up.
  •  Light Yagami uses the Death Note to fill his moral vendetta against the sinners of the world.

In what transpires as one of the greatest Anime series the world has ever witnessed, Death Note pulls a series of brilliant and intellectual moves as Yagami proceeds toward his moral agenda.

How is The Simpsons Death Note Parody Death Tome different from the original?

Lisa kills in The Simpsons Halloween Special
The Death Tome must kill in different ways every time. One of the killings involved a toilet crocodile. via Twitter account of official @TheSimpsons

The way The Simpsons parody Death Tome reimagines the story is to make fun of the famous anime. Death Note did wonders in Japan, but it made an entire cosmos in the west.

  • In Death Tome, Lisa falls upon the book (or it upon her.) Hesitant to throw a book away, she keeps it with her. At first, she is unbelieving of the instructions laid in the Death Tome.
    • But when When she saw on the news that Snake Jailbird was threatening to kill Tofu the cat, and she is enraged.
    • In her rage, she ends up writing about Snake’s death and it occurs.
The Simpsons parody
Lisa imitates the hand movements of the original Light Yagami, via Twitter account of official @TheSimpsons
  • Before she could finish her surprise, she is visited by the Shinigami Steve Johnson. Steve comments on how cool his name was when he first named himself eons ago.

Few things are different in Death Tome than the Death Note.

  1. In the Death Tome, the user must specify the way in which the person dies. And the way of killing must not be at the same time.
  2. This is different from Death Note where if not specified, the Death Note automatically kills the target in a heart attack.

Lisa’s personal vigilantism

Lisa writes names in Death Tome
Lisa writes names in Death Tome, via Twitter account of official @TheSimpsons

Lisa’s initial lines of murders are of anti-environmental corporate elites in this Simpsons Halloween special. The first one is Mr. Burns who visited Lisa’s parents. As Mr. Burns was talking to her parents he revealed that he wishes to flood the city in order to dock his Yacht just outside his Kitchen.

  • Enraged again, Lisa kills Mr. Burns. Lisa continues to listen to Steve’s advice as she takes out an organization called Globo-Warm.
  • The Globo-Warm (global warming much?) wishes to flood the planet. In her vendetta, she successfully emerges as a serial killer.

The revelation of L is turning

Death Note Death Tome
One of the ways of killing include death by shame, via the Twitter account of the official @TheSimpsons

A mysterious detective called L appears in the media, telling that the murders were indeed done by someone using a book. Deciding to Kill L, Lisa is only interrupted by Steve who tells her L isn’t the person’s actual name. Lisa figures out that L was actually El, her brother – El Barto. 

The greatest twist of the century in The Simpsons Parody Episode 

Lisa and Steve come and meet Barto together. As Lisa is shown to write his name in the Death Tome, it is revealed that she kills Steve Johnson instead. She does this by writing that this person will be killed by falling space junk.

  • Surprised, she tells her brothers that she would never kill him. In what is the most turning twist, the killer of the god of death becomes one herself.
  • As her wings spread out and her voice becomes coarse, Lisa becomes the new God of Death, replacing Steve.


The Simpsons Death Note Parody Death Tome
Mr. Burns dies after his name is written on the Death Tome, via the Twitter account of the official @TheSimpsons

The Simpsons Halloween special was brilliant not only in its picking of the creative aspects of environmental activism but also in forecasting that turns of killing a Shinigami. Something Light indirectly attempted in the Death Note but was never properly explored. As such it can be said that the writers of this show must have been true fans of the Death Note storyline. Only a true fan can fathom the most crucial theme that may have been left in the story told.

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