Will Boruto’s return from hiatus in Episode 294 feature an Anime time skip?

Boruto Anime Timeskip

The Boruto anime has entered an indefinite hiatus after the release of episode 293. The finale showcased Uzumaki’s revival at the hands of Momoshiki, following Kawaki’s devastating attack. Additionally, the episode confirmed the existence of Jōgan dojutsu, visible in one of Boruto’s eyes. With all these, the Anime is pending for the upcoming adaptations of the Manga, which does not feature any time skip so far. But with the latest manga’s wait awaited, we will have to see. The possibilities aren’t zero.

Will there be a Boruto Anime timeskip anytime soon?

Boruto Anime Hiatus
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Here’s what we mean – the Anime has almost caught up to the Manga. The Manga is at a point where fans are expecting a time skip to hit anytime soon. If you are confused about what the Boruto Anime Timeskip is, we have a fully dedicated article about it right here.

But to shorten it to you – remember the first episode where we witnessed a grown Kawaki facing a grown Boruto? Yes, those are two full-grown shinobis right there. Looking seemingly equal to the age of Naruto in Naruto Shippuden. What we all fans awaiting hence, is actually Boruto Shippuden.

The Boruto Hiatus is actually due to having caught up to the manga, along with the production break being a thing

Boruto vs Naruto
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Things are getting closer to that. Now that in the Manga things have been, well, quite reversed (spoiler, so won’t explore further in this article, read this instead). And with how close the Anime is to the manga, this Boruto Anime hiatus is likely to lay low before the production has enough Manga materials to adapt things of.

This is because episode 293, titled ‘Farewell’, was the final episode of the anime’s first part before it went on hiatus. However, the good news is that Part 2 of the series is currently in development and will resume its weekly release cycle soon.

Last week, social media was abuzz with talk of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations TV series, particularly after the latest time skip tease that featured Boruto and Kawaki battling in a destroyed Konoha.

But there’s a very slim chance, that the Anime gives another glimpse of the time skip when it returns after the hiatus. Assuming the Boruto Anime continues after 6 months, by then the Boruto Manga would possibly have moved into the post-time skip.

  • With this, the beginning of the second part of Boruto Anime might feature a glimpse of the timeskip yet again, similarly to how they began the Anime. This would be followed by the adaptations of the Manga naturally of course – which means we will see Kawaki trapping Naruto and Hinata in his dimension and all.
  • Although the beginning of the Anime is adapted from the Manga. The likelihood of the Anime doing something slightly different isn’t uncalled for. The evidence to this is from how the Jogun was featured in the Anime, while being undermined in the Manga.

When will Boruto Anime return from the hiatus?

Boruto Jogan
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  • While Studio Pierrot has not yet disclosed the release date for the upcoming episode, enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the show to continue.
  • Unfortunately, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations will not be airing episode 294 this week as many fans had hoped.

Although an exact return date has yet to be announced, it is speculated that the hiatus will last for around three months. Despite some rumors circulating on social media about a possible return in October, these have not been verified by a credible source and have been refuted by the supposed leaker.


In the meantime, Naruto fans can look forward to four new special episodes of the original Naruto anime that are set to be released in September, in celebration of its 20th anniversary. While the exact date for these episodes has not been confirmed, they are expected to premiere around September 21.

With the tantalizing teaser out of the way, fans of the well-liked anime adaptation are turning their sights to the future, with those who aren’t regular followers of Boruto news finding themselves perplexed about what the time skip implies for the upcoming episode.

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