Yellowjackets: Top 5 deaths so far that broke hearts

Yellowjackets deaths that broke hearts

Yellowjackets is one of the most popular shows on Showtime, and the entire show is based on how a group of teenage girls survive the wilderness. While a few of the characters were able to survive, there were many who lost their lives during their 19 months period in the wilderness. 

The show has already revealed multiple deaths so far and a few of them were particularly heartbreaking to watch. A few of the characters die while they were stranded in the wilderness whereas a few are also killed by the adult yellowjackets. Here are the top deaths in Yellowjackets show that broke the hearts of millions.

Most heartbreaking Yellowjackets deaths ranked

5) Laura Lee

Yellowjackets Laura Lee's death
Yellowjackets Laura Lee’s death (Image via Slash Film)

Laura Lee was one of the more optimistic people in the entire Yellowjackets group while stranded in the wilderness. She had a positive attitude towards someone saving them from the wild, and she was also ready to take greater steps for the team. The Yellowjackets found a Cessna plane, and Laura Lee tried flying the plane so she could find some help. 

Unfortunately, the Cessna plane caught on fire while airborne and burst to pieces killing Laura Lee in the process. Since she had such a constructive attitude, her death was one of the most heartbreaking incidents.

4) Kristen (Crystal)

Yellowjackets Crystal’s death
Yellowjackets Crystal’s death (Image via TV Insider)

Crystal was Misty’s only friend, and it was because of their similar interests that they got along well. They felt pretty comfortable with each other, and they started opening up about their minds with each other. It was one such day, Crystal revealed that her actual name was Kristen and the other was what others felt comfortable calling her. 

In return, Misty felt free and told Crystal that she had destroyed the black box on the plane. There was an immediate change in the latter’s expression, which eventually led to a tussle. It ended with Crystal falling to her death from the mountains. Although Misty is safe since no one knows the truth, Crystal’s death was very sudden and heartbreaking.

3) Adam Martin

Yellowjackets Adam Martin’s death
Yellowjackets Adam Martin’s death (Image via Entertainment Weekly)

Adam Martin was one of the most caring and lovable characters in Yellowjackets. He brought some light in Shauna’s life although she was married to Jeff. The story took a turn when adult Shauna and other adult Yellowjackets members started getting blackmailed, and Adam Martin was thought to be the blackmailer. 

It was under suspicion that adult Shauna murdered Adam Martin. The story got a massive twist when revealed that the blackmailer was none other than Shauna’s husband Jeff. Since Adam Martin was truly innocent, his death is considered to be one of the most breaking moments in the show.

2) Jackie Taylor

Yellowjackets Jackie Taylor’s death
Yellowjackets Jackie Taylor’s death (Image via Men’s Health)

Jackie Taylor’s behavior and qualities were not liked by most others and often resulted in quarrels but she was not so bad down her heart. She had a love for her life, her boyfriend, and all her Yellowjackets team members. It was one such quarrel that made Jackie leave, and sleep in the open. 

Unfortunately, that night resulted to be extremely cold and snowy, and none of her friends came to take her back in. She slept alone outside and literally froze to death. Jackie’s death would not have happened if any of her friends would have approached her. Shauna was her closest friend, and she was more than heartbroken. Jackie’s cause of death and Shauna’s reaction to her death were some of the most emotional moments of the show.

1) Travis Martinez

Yellowjackets Travis Martinez’s death
Yellowjackets Travis Martinez’s death (Image via Showtime)

Travis was the elder son of the Yellowjackets coach. He very well survived the wilderness and returned home. But it was his dark luck that he had a terrifying death in adulthood. It has been revealed in the show that Lottie was present during Travis’s death, and she could do nothing to help him out of the situation because of her terrible visions.

Nat was well in love with Travis from when they were stranded in the wilderness and continued through adulthood. Nat feels that she is a part of the reason for his death. The death of such a happy character in the show and Nat’s feelings is one of the unforgettable moments in the show.

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