TikTok: Ms. Conebread exposed by her own YouTube videos

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A TikTok video made rounds on the platform after an Asian lady made a bold move – doing a blaccent (black accent). People were triggered by the way she spoke. But, the TikToker became even more viral after mispronouncing cornbread as “conebread”, a soul food that is popular among black people. Surely enough, she has been called Ms. Conebread for that particular reason.


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Unfortunately, TikTok users found a way to reveal the truth behind Ms. Conebread’s real accent

The spotlight, for a time, shone on Ms. Conebread after being controversial on TikTok. Many were furious, but most who have watched her videos felt embarrassed. However, netizens finally discovered that she’s just been faking it after all this time. Well, internet investigators dug up something that was already hidden years ago – a YouTube channel featuring our very own Ms. Conebread. She wasn’t alone since the channel was called Htee and Tray.

There were a few YouTube videos on that channel wherein she spoke her true accent. Surprisingly, she speaks almost perfect English and it was even better than most Americans. Yes, there’s a hint of a Thai accent, but she has fine English diction. Nevertheless, Tray Soe’s “blaccent” was definitely fake.

fake blaccent Tray Soe Ms Conebread exposed

Who is Ms. Conebread?

Ms. Conebread – or that’s what at least people are calling her right now – is actually named Tray Soe in real life. According to her, she was born in Thailand but moved to Georgia and lived there for a decade. She also mentioned living in Nebraska, but the details of her real address are unknown. Tracking her videos and social media accounts, Soe is just 25 years old and has been a member of the United States Air Force.

Tray Soe has amassed more than 400,000 followers on Instagram as she flaunts her incredible physique and job as an Airborne military lady. In one of her YouTube videos two years ago, Soe admits to being a lesbian.

Since her video blew up, Tray Soe has been the target of thousands of TikTok users

Ms. Conebread a.k.a Tray Soe went into a lot of people’s nerves, especially those from the black community. Obviously, she received a lot of backlash for trying to become who she really was not. Other TikTokers and YouTubers tried to make fun of her by parodies and throwing shade, and some tried to dissect what kind of accent Soe was throwing in her videos.


Just call me Ms. Conebread 😂😂😂 like maam please #conebread #accent #accents #fypシ #fyp #foryourpage #blacktiktok #foryou #skrimp

♬ original sound – Jaylin Nicole Mira E

Tray Soe is also not the first Asian woman to get roasted for her blaccent. Famous TikToker Nina Lin also got the same treatment a few months ago after her videos went viral. Nina received hate comments and she became the center of attraction. Slowly, people accepted the way she spoke as there were a few people who knew Nina who claimed she really like a real New Yorker. Unlike Tray, Nina was surely not faking it.


2am tingz wut u up to bbg? 🥵 #fyp #NewYearNewMiO #nyc #WinterFit #newwhip #trucks #latenight #2am

♬ original sound – Nina lin

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