Canadian singer and songwriter Shania Twain may have found her new leash in a photo shoot for her latest exclusive single. The usual social mind tends to tell us that as we age, our bodies become, well, old. But there have been few exemptions to such natural aging. Certain people seem to remain rejuvenating through their genes. While others retain the youth of their mind. What’s up with Shania Twain who said being topless is liberating? 

Why did Shania Twain go topless?

The 57-year-old is coming up with her latest single Waking Up Dreaming. For the same, she photoshoot in what appeared to be almost topless poses.

Modern society and its beauty standards

  • Growing up with body image issues isn’t anything off-put. If anything, the growing beauty industry and a capitalist drive behind them have put this label of beauty in most people’s minds.
  • Today, having self-doubts about the beauty of your body seems to be a common problem that many deals with. As such, it feels liberating when famous people such as Shania Twain admit to having similar feelings themselves.

But lying ahead of such self-esteem issues which every one of us, including what Shania deals with, is an ever-growing need to triumph over it.

What the singer had to say for herself

Shania Twain Topless Photoshoot
Shania in her covert art of latest single, image courtesy of

“This is me expressing my truth. I’m comfortable in my own skin, and this is the way I am sharing that confidence,” Twain told People.

She also remarked how fashion depends upon the confidence of the wearer. And anything worn with confidence can become the norm.

“I am a woman in my late 50s, and I don’t need to hide behind the clothes. and I can’t even tell you how good it felt to do nude shooting. I was just so unashamed of my new body, you know, as a woman that is well into my menopause. I’m not even emotional about it; I just feel okay about it.” Said Twain. 

Why did Shania Twain say that doing topless photoshoots is liberating?

Shania Twain Topless
Shania Twain in the red carpet, image courtesy of

Now, why did Shania Twain say this? It’s because she is advocating for the overcoming of social stigmas revolving around body image. Although her cause feels more personal than it is social.

At 57 of her age, she’s lived well enough to see how people view women who dress minimally. But lately, that’s been changing. There’s a growing liberation in dressing the way you wish to, and for that not to be seen in a crude manner.

Twain’s previous examples of being unashamed of her body

  • This isn’t the first time she’s done something like this, however. Shania Twain can be seen going braless in her iconic “What Made You Say That” music video.
  • In her latest single photoshoot for the cover art, she is seen covering her chest in her arms. She poses with a cowboy hat and good-colored boots pair.

“I am embracing my body as it changes, as I should have from my childhood to my teens, as I should be from my taut, 20s and 30-year-old self, to my menopausal body. I’m not going to be shy about it. I want to be courageous about it, and I want to share that courage in the artwork that I am directing.” 


Said, Twain. It is notable to add that her frontier on this may feel liberating to women going through menopause. To not be shy of their body, and to hold their head and their body high.

Shania Twain’s topless photoshoot is only the tip of the iceberg of a larger philosophy involving personal liberty, and a growing force of feminism.

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