Poppy Playtime: Mommy Long Legs Origin Story Explained

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs 2

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 introduced a new villain to the story: Mommy Long Legs. In this article, we will talk about the origin story of Mommy Long Legs, the main antagonist in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.

Who is Mommy Long Legs?

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs Dilate
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If you are updated with the latest news about Poppy Playtime, then you know Mommy Long Legs by now. She is the murderous pink, a stretchable toy that terrorizes the player throughout the entirety of Chapter 2. However, there is more to Mommy Long Legs than meets the eye. Before she became the villainous toy we are introduced to in Poppy Playtime Chapter 2, she is actually a human being.

Poppy Playtime - Game Station Painting
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But before Mommy Long Legs came to life, she was a popular stretchy toy from Playtime Co. The commercial which plays at the start of Chapter 2 focuses on Mommy Long Legs. When she became a living toy experiment, she was in charge of watching over the kids in the factory. As the children played at the Game Station the player goes through Chapter 2, Mommy Long Legs is there watching.

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Marie Payne Transfer Request

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs Paper
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In one of the documents players encounter as they explore, they see a transfer request for a Marie Payne. A closer look at the note shows the headings ‘Experiment 1222 – Mommy Long Legs’ and ‘Subject – Marie Payne’. And although this does not reveal much at first glance, the details in the note reveal information about Mommy Long Legs.

Based on this transfer request note, we can assume Marie Payne is Mommy Long Legs. Moreover, it’s safe to say that Mommy Long Legs or Marie Payne was one of the human test subjects for Playtime Co.’s poppy experiments. And if we go back to previous encounters with toys like Bunzo Bunny and Huggy Wuggy, we see them bleed.

There are theories about how human beings were test subjects in Elliot Ludwig’s poppy experiments. And this detail ultimately confirms that the living toys we encounter in Playtime Co. were once human.

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Mommy Long Legs depended on the children’s presence

Further down the transfer request note, it is mentioned that Mommy Long Legs is ‘very hostile towards members of the staff. On the other hand, she exhibits maternal love and cares for the children referred to as experiments in the note. To resolve the problematic behavior exhibited by Mommy Long Legs, the scientists decided to use the children to pacify her.

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs Speech
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But now that the toy factory shut down, Mommy Long Legs is unhinged. No children for her to take care of means that she is back to her hostile behavior. Moreover, we can assume that Mommy Long Legs never found out about how the children were experimented on in the factory. Otherwise, she would go on a rampage if she knew what the toy factory actually did to the children she looked after.

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs Player
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Furthermore, this also explains why Mommy Long Legs is out to get the player. She mentions during one of the games that she recognizes the player. It would only make sense for her to be angry at the scientists. They are the reason why she can no longer look after the children she cared for deeply. Additionally, Huggy Wuggy also chased after the player because of this reason. Both Huggy and Mommy loved the children genuinely, and the scientists took that away from them.

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs Huggy
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Mommy Long Legs punishes the player through the Game Station

To exact revenge on the scientists who used the children, Mommy Long Legs forces the player into the Game Station. This is so the player, a former employee at the factory, can experience what it was like for the children they experimented on.

Poppy Playtime - Game Station
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However, it is still unclear as of now what role the player had before the factory closed down. But Mommy Long Legs recognizes our protagonist so they must be a prominent figure in the company before.

Is Mommy Long Legs a villain in Poppy Playtime?

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs Panic
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Until we know the real story behind Playtime Co. and the experiments, we can’t say if Mommy Long Legs is actually a villain. She protected the children from staff members and that alone says a lot about her character. She obviously cared about the well-being of the children, but not having them around pushed her over the edge.

Poppy Playtime - Mommy Long Legs Recognize
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Also, it was mentioned earlier that she is hostile towards the protagonist because she recognizes him as one of the workers at the factory. Going back to Marie Payne and her transfer request, she was only hostile towards staff but displayed love and affection for the children.

With all of that being said, we can’t exactly say whether Mommy Long Legs is bad or not. But one thing is for sure: she had her reasons for doing what she did. Who knows, maybe we’ll finally get to know more in Chapter 3.

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