Bethesda’s Starfield: How to get Best Ships in Early Game

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The spaceships in Starfield are one of the most important and indispensable inclusions. In order to travel between planets, you are going to need a trusty vehicle. On top of that, you will also have to carry out galactic battles with the other hostile factions. For that, you will require a potent ship on both offensive and defensive fronts. In this article, we will reveal how you can get one of the best ships in Starfield during the early hours. We will be listing other ships that you can get for free and buy as well.

How to Get the best Ship in Starfield early

Starfield will provide you with the starter ship Frontier as the default option. However, you can get access to a better ship called the Razorleaf by completing a mission. Below is the full guide on how you can obtain the ship.

Mission “The Old Neighborhood”

Bethesda's Starfield: How to get Best Ships in Early Game - The Old Neighborhood Mission
Screengrab Courtesy of GameSpot via YouTube
  • Towards the start of the game, you will come across a quest called The Old Neighborhood. This is a tutorial-type mission aimed at teaching you basic flight skills. Here, you will be given the task of scanning a satellite.
Bethesda's Starfield: How to get Best Ships in Early Game - Scan Satellite
Screengrab Courtesy of GameSpot via YouTube
  • By performing the scan, you will learn about the pathway to the Nova Galactic Staryard. Head over there and start defeating the enemies in the area.
Bethesda's Starfield: How to get Best Ships in Early Game - Defeat Enemies
Courtesy of GameSpot via YouTube
  • Carefully search their bodies for a text log called the Secret Outpost. After obtaining it, read the text log to trigger the mission Mantis.

Mission Mantis

Bethesda's Starfield: How to get Best Ships in Early Game - Mission Mantis
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  • Proceed to the Secret Outpost on the designated planet and start the mission.
Carrying out Mission Mantis
Screengrab Courtesy of GameSpot via YouTube
  • Be sure to include important resources like ammo and health regeneration items in your inventory, as you will have to fight against many adversaries.
Starfield: Mission Mantis Puzzle
Screengrab Courtesy of GameSpot via YouTube
  • After defeating everyone, you will come across an area with texts on the floor. You can search the voice logs from the dead bodies of your enemies for the clue to the password.
  • The passcode to unlock the path that lies ahead is “tyrannis.” Provide the passcode at the door to continue the progression.
Lair of the Razorleaf
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  • Upon defeating a few more robots, you will reach the lair containing the Razorleaf Spaceship. Grab the vehicle from there, and it will be yours to keep.
Piloting Razorleaf Spaceship
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  • Now, you can customize, upgrade, and pilot one of the best ships in Starfield. Getting the dynamic Razorleaf towards the start of the game also gives you an edge, making your journey easier.

Other Free Spaceships in Starfield

UC Prison Ship

Obtained during the Crimson Fleet Mission Line.

Star Eagle

Complete The Freestar Rangers Questline, ending with “The Hammer Falls”.

Starborn Guardian

Complete the Constellation Missions and start New Game+.

Spaceships to buy in Starfield

There are over 75 Spaceships in Starfield for you to purchase. Below is the full list, along with their cost.

Name of the Spaceship Cost of the Spaceship
Watchdog 42,000
Discovery 52,050
Transpo 57,150
Rambler 57,600
Responder 65,300
Achilles 66,525
Sparrow 72,450
Thresher 75,950
Mustang 79,550
Mako 83,250
Rambler II 87,839
Watchdog II 89,200
Wendigo 91,325
Trader Railstar 93,125
Econohaul 94,975
Mule 97,825
Achilles II 97,876
Vagabond 102,950
Crimson Fleet Phantom II 103,575
Kfir 104,125
Narcissus 107,800
Responder II 116,129
Hoplite 122,050
Pik Up 122,450
Hammerhead 123,525
Shackleton 129,800
Crimson Fleet Haunt II 130,650
Sparrow II 130,750
Falcon 132,075
Galileo 132,850
War Horse 132,975
Wendigo II 133,082
Sunsail 136,900
Pterosaur 139,575
Live Muv II 140,850
Privateer 146,000
Trebuchet 150,125
Carry All 158,739
Marathon 159,450
Galileo II 162,544
Wanderlust 165,125
Watchdog III 165,473
Asphalt CB 168,891
Phalanx 169,550
Warhammer 170,950
Roanoke 173,925
Crimson Fleet Ghost III 177,450
Falcon II 185,675
Crimson Fleet Specter II 187,175
Big Rig 187,302
Pelican 187,350
Narcissus II 195,360
Wagontrain 196,119
Ranger 220,225
Spacetruk 227,724
Warwolf 225,175
Crimson Fleet Banshee 236,125
Nimitz 237,625
Orca 249,925
Crimson Fleet Wraith 249,925
Murasame 250,025
Dullahan 258,550
Vindicator 263,465
Conquerer 272,500
Star Semi 279,100
Shieldbreaker 279,425
Dragonfire 308,425
Crimson Fleet Wight 317,700
Abyss Trekker 365,525
Silent Runner 390,150
Stronghold 400,125
Narwhal 455,400


We hope this guide helped you obtain one of Starfield’s best ships quite early into the game. Which spaceship are you looking to buy next? Let us know in the comments below.

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