Who Raised the Palestinian Flag at Harvard University?

Harvard University protest

A surprising event occurred at Harvard University. Supporters of Palestine raised their flag on a statue that is often used to display the American flag. Many were curious about who did it and why, and this action generated a lot of attention.

What Happened

The incident occurred on a Saturday, with video footage capturing a group of protestors, identifiable by their distinctive keffiyehs, raising the Palestinian flag above the statue of John Harvard. Usually, the statue has the American flag.

This action showed support for Palestine and disagreement with what Israel is accomplishing. This incident follows the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas and subsequent retaliatory strikes on Gaza.

Who Raised the Flag?

Three masked individuals raised the Palestinian flag on a statue with witnesses cheering them on. According to some videos circulating online, these individuals are Harvard University students.

The nationality and names of the individuals involved are still unknown as of writing, and it’s unlikely they will be named soon, as they jeopardize losing their diplomas if caught participating, according to Harvard officials.

Administrators at Harvard responded to the flag-raising incident with quick action. Seniors who participated in the act of protest may be subject to disciplinary actions, which may include having their degrees withheld. Protesters persisted in calling for Palestinian rights in the face of serious consequences.

Campus Reaction

Harvard University swiftly responded to the flag-raising, with campus police quickly intervening to remove the flag. University spokesperson Jonathan L. Swain promised disciplinary action against individuals involved and slammed the behavior, saying it was against university policy.

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