Bethesda’s Starfield: Structural Materials | How to Find & Get

Bethesda’s Starfield: Structural Materials | How to Find & Get

Structural Materials are an essential resource for constructing and upgrading outposts, advancing research projects, and enhancing spaceships in Bethesda’s massive new RPG Starfield. As players explore the vastness of space and uncover its mysteries, acquiring Structural Materials efficiently is key to progression. This resource guide covers the most effective methods on How to Find and get Structural Materials in Bethesda’s Starfield without any pitfalls.

How to Find & Get Structural Materials in Bethesda’s Starfield

Purchasing from Vendors

The most straightforward way to get Structural Materials is by buying them from merchants throughout Starfield’s settlements. Vendors that run general goods stores typically carry Structural Materials for sale alongside other common resources.

While convenient, solely purchasing Structural Materials can become quite costly, especially when acquiring large quantities. Vendors also have limited stock and must replenish their inventory before selling more. For these reasons, relying entirely on vendors is not the most optimal long-term strategy. However, when in a pinch, vendors can provide a quick Structural Materials fix.

Scavenging Enemy Locations

Adventuring across Starfield’s universe will lead to many hostile enemy outposts and bases. Scavenging containers and surfaces in these areas can yield Structural Materials amidst other loot. This method is far from reliable but can supplement materials gathered through other means. It’s advisable not to immediately sell any acquired Structural Materials to avoid having to reobtain them later.

Harvesting Flora and Fauna

The most effective and sustainable way to amass Structural Materials is by harvesting them directly from Starfield’s environments. Many in-game plant life and creatures contain Structural Materials ready for the taking.

Flora: Plants containing Structural Materials will display a “Harvest” prompt when approached. Materials can then be extracted quickly.

Fauna: Defeating creatures with Structural Material drops will leave behind harvestable material pieces labeled with “(Structural)”.

For best results, focus harvesting efforts on planets with abundant flora and fauna. The wider the variety of lifeforms, the more likely Structural Materials will be available.

Guidelines and Principles

Following certain best practices will optimize the Structural Materials harvesting process:

  • Fully survey planets before landing to identify lifeforms with high material yields.
  • Target resource-rich biomes like forests and jungle areas.
  • Balance time between harvesting flora and defeating fauna for materials.
  • Resist immediately selling acquired materials to avoid having to reobtain them.
  • Regularly transfer harvested materials to cargo holds and storage to avoid lost progress.

Adhering to these principles will ensure a smooth acquisition process without wasted effort or loss of hard-earned materials.


Structural Materials are invaluable for advancing long-term goals in Starfield like outpost construction, research, and ship enhancements. While buying from vendors can provide an instant fix, harvesting from abundant planetary life is the most efficient and sustainable method. Focus efforts on resource-rich planets and frequently deposit materials to optimize the process. With these tips, navigating Starfield while constantly stocked with this vital resource will be smooth sailing.

Summary Table

Method Acquisition Means Pros Cons
Purchasing from Vendors Buy Structural Materials from general goods vendors A fast and convenient source Expensive, limited vendor stock
Scavenging Enemy Locations Loot Structural Materials from containers and surfaces Can supplement other methods Unreliable, minimal yields
Harvesting Flora and Fauna Extract Structural Materials from plants and creature drops Efficient, sustainable source Time-intensive, focus on resource-rich planets

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