JJK Chapter 238: What are Yuji Itadori’s claws? Is he more powerful then Sukuna?

What are Yuji Itadori's Claws in JJK Chapter 238

While the spoilers of Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238 are already out and by the end of it we finally see the battle between Sukuna and Kashimo come to an end, and that’s when we see Yuji dropping in the battle scene with his lawyer, Hiromi Higuruma. But something seems strange. What are Yuji Itadori’s claws in JJK Chapter 238? Let’s find out.

Kashimo uses his special cursed technique for the first time during the battle in Chapter 237 but it doesn’t have any effect on the King of Curses. Towards the end of Chapter 238, we also see the start of the battle between Hakari and Uraume. Who will win? Give your guesses in the comments below.

What happened in JJK Chapter 238? Raw Scans, and Leaks out

What are Yuji Itadori's Claws in JJK Chapter 238
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  • More puzzling stuff happens in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238, called “Battle Against the Strongest,” which begins with showing Sukuna’s special X-ray eyes to look at Kashimo, and how the authors explain Sukuna’s “perfect” form.
  • Sukuna now has four arms, so he can use two of them for hand signs while keeping the other two free. He also has two mouths through which he can chant for new powers that makes him superior to any other sorcerer in the JJK world.
What are Yuji Itadori's Claws in JJK Chapter 238
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Kashimo is amazed by how perfect Sukuna looks and calls him “beautiful” before attacking. Sukuna uses a powerful move called “Dismantle Slash,” which is the same move that killed Satoru Gojo. After some brief talking of love and mercy between Sukuna and Kashimo, Sukuna proves himself to be the strongest warrior alive and kills Kashimo.

The final panels of the Chapter then show us the ultimate duo – Yuji and Higuruma entering the battle to fight against Sukuna. But what happened to Yuji’s hands? Did he eat the last finger? Did he awaken his cursed technique?

What are Yuji Itadori’s Claws in JJK Chapter 238?

What are Yuji Itadori's Claws in JJK Chapter 238
Did Gege foreshadow us from the very beginning? | Image Courtesy of Viz Media

Fans have always believed that Yuji Itadori would be the one to defeat Sukuna, right from the start. The big question was how he would do it. Well, now the answer might be just in front of us. As this chapter showed us the new wielding claws of Yuji which might be reminiscent of Sukuna’s cursed techniques.

Some believe Yuji’s changed forearms might be a clue about his Cursed Technique, which has been hinted at in the story before. But somewhere in Chapter 222, it was also said that Yuji’s Technique might be connected to switching bodies.

While the one thing that pops out the most is that being the vessel of Sukuna, the biggest advantage that Yuji has is that he could eventually acquire Sukuna’s cursed technique for himself. It was Gojo who had made it clear that over time, Sukuna’s cursed technique could merge with Yuji’s and he would make it his own.

Will Yuji become the strongest sorcerer after this fight?

Sukuna has never viewed Yuji as a danger, but that could change, especially since Kenjaku respects the young sorcerer greatly. Yuji might not be the strongest sorcerer, however, this fight can possibly change the whole game.

  • Since both Yuji and Sukuna have the same cursed techniques, Yuji should have a better chance of resisting Sukuna’s powers compared to anyone else. This is what everyone should be counting on right now.
  • As he defeats Sukuna, he will undoubtedly become one of the most powerful, although not necessarily the absolute strongest.


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Now as we also have Higuruma on our side, will Gege finally bring justice? Only time will tell. But we are bringing the spiciest anime info and sneak peeks into the anime industry through our Anime Newsletter! So do subscribe to that.

Fans are excitedly counting down to the release of Chapter 238 on October 9, 2023, at 12 a.m. JST. But how about Chapter 239? See you in the next Spiel Times article for that.

That’s everything to know about what are Yuji Itadori’s claws in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 238. What do you think about it? Do let us know in the comments below.

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