Best Payment Methods for Online Casinos in New Zealand

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In New Zealand, many Kiwi players are faced with the challenge of choosing a suitable payment option. This article covers a lot about online casinos accepting different payment methods on Many things are considered as factors to deciding which payment method to use.

The need for payment options in New Zealand is because of the lack of the presence of indigenous gambling websites and the surplus of foreign online casinos. Having a smooth, fast, and secure transaction as you gamble helps the overall experience. The payment options in this list have been carefully curated and offer the best reliable and seamless means of payment. Here are the best online casino payment methods:

Debit and Credit Cards

The most popular payment option embraced by many Kiwi players is the use of debit or credit cards. This is because any adult in New Zealand has either of the cards and uses it for day-to-day transactions. Hence, using it for online gambling is no exception. Most casinos just require you to type in the long numbers engraved across the card to register the card for gambling. Next is inputting the card’s expiry date also printed on it and the security number.

You don’t have to worry about offering such details that give access to your bank account because online casinos are licensed to keep all information you provide safe, secure, and encrypted. Further deposits can be made after an initial one has been successfully done with the card, with the need to provide the above information only once. Some casinos in New Zealand are not open to the use of cards, which means, it may not be widely accepted by many casinos anymore.

Visa cards and Visa electron cards are widely used by many customers and this is one great payment option available for many users. Every Visa card works the same way and the main difference between them is the popularity among users and the fund limits. Most users make use of the Visa Electron due to the amount of funds available on it.

Another common card is the Mastercard and this also allows the players to have access to funds quickly and easily. The Maestro card is owned by Mastercard but can take the form of either a debit or prepaid card.


Most older Kiwi players are not aware of e-wallets, but younger generations make use of e-wallets as a method of payment in online casinos. E-Wallets are more advanced and modern than debit and credit cards and fit the online profile of online casinos. There are a few e-wallet options open to Kiwi Players and there’s one suitable for one player or the other.

One such e-wallet that has grown significantly in recent years is PayPal. PayPal is popular with people who receive funds online and can take much more than regular bank cards. Using PayPal is a great way to make casino payments online Casinos need to be connected to a back card, but it is a much faster way to transfer

Paysafecard is another e-wallet embraced by most New Zealanders in recent times and mentioned in the name is one of the safest methods of payment. It is a prepaid e-wallet that requires input of a 16-PIN code for security.

Skrill is yet another e-wallet that is a popular option for players who reside in New Zealand. Skrill is owned by the company Paysafecard belongs to which shows how much they can be trusted. It works mainly online and requires you to load your account online and start making your payments instantly.

Neteller sits close to Skrill as being a top online payment casino. It is known for being easy to use and the speed at which withdrawal is done. Funds can be transferred to your Net+ card provided by Neteller or your bank if preferred.

Another e-wallet to look at is EcoPayz it is very secure and popular. There are many benefits tied to owning an EcoAccount. You can easily receive, send, and spend like you would with a regular bank account.

One advantage of e-wallets is the instant withdrawal and deposit users enjoy with less time registering as available on debit and credit cards.


Cryptocurrency has become the modern method of making payment for goods and services and the introduction into the world of online casinos makes it all easy. Many online casinos accept payments in Bitcoin which is the most popular crypto and even offer some unique bonuses for this method. There is an anonymity that comes with using cryptocurrency that many Kiwi players enjoy. Deposits and Withdrawals with cryptocurrency happen in swift seconds and maybe the fastest payment option there is for now. There are many advantages as a payment option, one of which is now decentralized. This means that its value is not directly under the control of one body. Issues with Taxation are cut down with the use of Bitcoin.

Google Pay

Google is one company that seems to want to provide solutions to multiple problems and they have created one as well for online payment. Google Pay is straightforward, easy to use, and of course very fast. Making deposits and withdrawing your winnings from online casinos happens with no stress. You would need to have your bank card linked to your Google Pay account before deposits to online casinos can be made.

Apple Pay

There’s Google Pay for Android users and there is Apple Pay for iOS users. Apple Pay works the same way Amazon Pay or Google Pay does, the main difference is that it caters to the Apple users market.

Purchases can be made with Apple Pay with no stress right from your mobile phone and the funds are transferred very quickly. The main thing required to make a payment is your Apple Touchcode which acts as the guard to prevent third-party access to the account.

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