Borderlands 3 Launch Day Concurrent Players Twice More Than BL 2 All Time Peak on PC

Borderlands 3 just released a day ago, and the game has been getting a mixed reception from the community. Players have been facing a number of issues as far as the game is concerned with some performance issues and stuff. However, as far as the numbers are concerned, the game is doing pretty well.

Randy Pitchford today tweeted that the game has been doing exceedingly well on PC with concurrent players twice as high as the all-time peak players of BL2. This is some praiseworthy stats considering the fact that the game was exclusive to Epic Games Store. However, we must also consider the fact that the game’s popularity has grown multiple folds since BL2. We are currently playing Borderlands 3 and we will have our review up very soon, so stay tuned!

Md Armughanuddinhttp://www.spieltimes.com
An avid journalist, an ardent programmer, and a forever rookie gamer, Armu has a knack in finding news at the earliest.


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