Kamikazee Issue in Sorsogon: Governor Kicks out the Band | What happened?

Kamikazee Issue in Sorsogon: Governor Kicks out the Band | What happened?

Kamikazee is now in hot waters after facing an unknown issue in Sorsogon, Philippines. The Philippine rock band was supposed to perform in Casiguran, Sorsogon, on Sunday, October 1, but the city Governor, Edwin “Boboy” Hamor, suddenly announced their performance’s cancellation. So, what happened?

Kamikazee Issue in Sorsogon

Kamikazee officially returned to performing live on stage after their 2016 hiatus. The group has been performing in different provinces in the Philippines, and their next stop was supposed to be in Sorsogon. They even promoted their appearance in the said city in a post on Facebook on September 30 after performing in Nasipit, Agusan del Norte.

This October, Sorsogon celebrates the Kasanggayahan Festival, dubbed the largest celebration for the whole province. Though the event’s grand opening will still be on October 8, the city is now holding a series of festivals as the month begins. As a starter, Kamikazee was about to lead a concert with Imago and I Belong To The Zoo on Sunday. However, Hamor announced that the band led by Jay Contreras couldn’t perform due to an unrevealed issue. The governor didn’t mention what happened but stressed it was due to their “attitude.”

Governor kicks out Kamikazee

In his announcement, as posted on Jes Daily’s Facebook page, Hamor claimed that Kamikazee insulted the people of Sorsogon. He then asked everyone to mark his sword when he emphasized that the band could no longer set foot in the province.

The public servant continued that there were a lot of bands who could entertain his people. But if the group had that attitude, he had to refuse. He then reiterated that Kamikazee was paid even before their set performance. But he instead sent them home and didn’t even allow them to stay in the Residencia Del Hamor hotel in Sorsogon. The governor even let them spend the night in the airport to wait for their flight.

Hamor added that he was working hard for the dignity of everyone in Sorsogon. Hence, he wouldn’t let anyone to insult them.

As of this writing, Kamikazee has yet to address the issue.

What Happened during Kamikazee’s Supposed Concert in Sorsogon?

So far, the issue Kamikazee is currently facing in Sorsogon remains a mystery. Both parties have remained mum about the controversy, not even Hamor revealing what the group did. It’s also the first time we’ve heard the band get involved in this problem. So, it was a surprise to many.

However, in some comments on Kamikazee’s latest post on Facebook, some fans claimed that they delivered a joke that didn’t sit well with the Sorsagonons and Hamor himself. Others added that they found the jest rude, reminding them they were paid to entertain and not to insult anyone.

Whatever the case is, we hope everything will be okay in the end, as Kamikazee also has a lot of fans in Sorsogon waiting to see them. And if this attitude problem is true, it’s only proper to apologize if they have insulted anyone.

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