Marvel's Avengers
Courtesy of Square-Enix

Square-Enix has announced players who purchase Marvel’s Avengers for the PS4 or/and Xbox One, will get a free copy of the game on PS5 and/or Xbox Series X. This means, you need to purchase the game only once and you’ll be able to play it on next-gen consoles free-of-cost.

The news comes through one of Square-Enix’s press release where they’ve mentioned the following –

Players who own the current-gen version of the game will be able to upgrade to the next-gen version at no additional cost, regardless if players are moving from PlayStation4 to PlayStation5 or Xbox One to Xbox Series X. Those moving their saves to next-gen will transfer their player profiles and progression so they can pick up right where they left off.

Not just that, Marvel’s Avengers will support cross-play for PS4 & PS5 players, and Xbox One & Xbox Series X players respectively. This doesn’t indicate cross-platform play, where someone on a PlayStation can play with an Xbox player, but it plays a part to bridge the generation gap.

“The PlayStation 5 experience will be seamless and dynamic, fully utilizing the ultra-high-speed SSD, the PS5 DualSense advanced haptics, and immersive spatial audio,” the press release mentions. “To fully customize their visual experience, PS5 will also provide players with their choice of Enhanced Graphics Mode or High Framerate mode.”

Crystal Dynamics has pushed its proprietory engine Foundation to its limits on the PS5. Chief Technology Officer Gary Snethen says, “The new GPU allows us to increase our texture resolution, push a higher level of detail farther from the player, enhance our ambient occlusion, improve our anisotropic filtering and add a variety of new graphics features such as stochastic screen-space reflections with contact-aware sharpening.”

“For that, Marvel’s Avengers will offer a high framerate mode on PS5, which targets 60 FPS with dynamic 4K resolution,” he continues.

Talking about loading times, Snethen said, “This is a transformative improvement in consoles that will reduce load times down to one or two seconds and enable real-time streaming of massive worlds at ridiculously fast speeds. Without any optimization work, the loading and streaming of Marvel’s Avengers improved by an order of magnitude on PS5. When optimization is complete, loading content will be nearly instant, allowing players to seamlessly jump into missions anywhere in the game world. And as Iron Man flies through content-rich levels, higher resolution textures and mesh will stream in instantly, maintaining the highest possible quality all the way to the horizon.”

More information on the Xbox Series X, Stadia, and PC versions will make rounds soon. Until then, stay tuned with us for more news on Marvel’s Avengers and the entire gaming industry.

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