Mike Enriquez, Veteran TV Host and GMA Broadcaster, dies at 71; What happened?

Mike Enriquez death rumors GMA

In a big loss to the Philippines’ news and media industry, veteran TV host Mike Enriquez has reportedly passed away at the age of 71. Social media was buzzing with reports of the legendary newscaster’s death as many awaited the official word. During today’s 24 Oras edition, the statement from the news personality’s employer, GMA Network, confirmed the death reports circulating online. Let’s take a closer look at the unfortunate news and learn more about Mike Enriquez’s life and career.

24 Oras released GMA’s statement regarding Mike Enriquez’s death

At the near end of 24 Oras on August 29, GMA Network publicly announced their statement. Mike Enriquez’s on-air and co-news anchor in 24 Oras, Mel Tiangco, tearily read and confirmed that the 71-year-old veteran newscaster died.

Just after the news show started, Twitter users shared numerous reports and hints suggesting that the veteran TV host had passed away. However, the authenticity of it remained in question until the network confirmed it themselves.

Unverified Filipino news media outlets on social media have been sharing black-and-white obituary posters of the legendary newscaster. On the afternoon of August 29, Pilipinas, a Facebook blog page with over 720K followers, was first reported to relay the news to the public.

People across the Philippines tuned into GMA’s news program ‘24 Oras,’ where the Mike Enriquez cemented his place as a household name in Philippine media. The livestream’s comments were filled with ‘RIP’ messages for the veteran. 

Broadcast journalist and motivational speaker Julius Manahan took to Facebook and Instagram to share his condolences for Mike Enriquez’s death, whom he considers his mentor.

Manahan answered a question from a Facebook user’s comment about what happened to Enriquez, which he shared in a reply, was cardiac arrest. However, the cause of death of the TV host and broadcaster has yet to be officially disclosed.

Earlier, the rumors gained traction after a screenshot from Instagram showed some verified Instagram journalists commenting with sad emojis, indicating that he had passed away. 

According to another source, one of Mike Enriquez’s co-workers, Lyn Ching, posted an Instagram story with the message ‘Booma, you will be missed’. Many believe that his nickname among his closer circle was Booma. 

Mike Enriquez’s life as a newscaster

Mike Enriquez, whose real name is Miguel Castro Enriquez, began his journey in Philippine media as a staff announcer at the Manila Broadcasting Company in 1969. He went on to become a broadcast reporter, a news editor, a program director, and a station manager.

He worked in different networks like the Freedom Broadcasting Radio Network and Radio Mindanao Network (RMN), where he became vice president. However, his career changed after joining the GMA network in 1994 and took over radio networks. 

After hosting the late-afternoon news program Saksi: GMA Headline Balita and the late-night GMA Network News, Mike Enriquez became synonymous with the 24 Oras program. He also became the consultant for the network’s radio operations. 

Mike Enriquez won over eighteen awards for his excellence in the field of news broadcasting. He is survived by his wife Lizabeth ‘Baby’ Yumping but they have no children together.

Previous rumors and medical issues

Mike Enriquez has been absent from media action since 2022. Following a kidney transplant and further medical complications, the veteran TV host had been under constant rest. Since then, his health status has become a topic of discussion.

In fact, this is not the first time that news of his death has circulated on the internet. In November 2022, a similar incident happened where people began posting tributes and condolences for Mike Enriquez.

Back then, his colleagues immediately dismissed them as fake news. Unfortunately, this time, the news of Mike Enriquez’s death turned out to be true as confirmed by the veteran TV host’s employer GMA Network in the statement. We extend our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Mr Mike Enriquez.

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