Miss Italy bans transgender competitors | Here’s why

Miss Italy bans transgender competitors

“No trans at Miss Italia”. Miss Italy is putting a stop to wokeness and barring all transgenders from joining the competition beginning this year. Since 2012, trans people are allowed to join the Miss Universe pageant and will be given the honor to represent their country. However, Italy will be lifting that rule and will ban the trans community from the pageant. Here’s why:

In an interview with Il Primato Nazionale, Miss Italy’s patron Patrizia Mirigliani shared her thoughts on the idea of transgender competitors in the beauty pageant

After what happened during Miss Netherlands (Miss Holland) where the crowned winner was a transgender woman named Rikkie Valerie Kolle, Mirigliani decided that Miss Italy’s title will be closing its gates to the LGBT community.

“Lately, beauty contests have been trying to make the news by also using strategies that I think are a bit absurd,” told by Patrizia Mirigiliani. “Since it was born, my competition has foreseen in its regulation the clarification according to which one must be a woman from birth. Probably because, even then, it was foreseen that beauty could undergo modifications, or that women could undergo modifications, or that men could become women,” Mirigliani added. (Note: This was translated from Italian to English, from the Il Primato Nazionale website).

Mirigliani specifically wanted that a competitor must be a woman from birth

With that statement, it clarifies that transgenders will not be seeing the limelight in Miss Italia. That also includes men who will attempt to identify as women in the future. Although the Miss Universe pageant supports the trans community and allow transgender women to participate since 2012, Italy is making headlines by barring them in the event. This news stirred controversy on social media and has gotten mixed reactions. Furthermore, Miss Italy’s patron believes that they are loosening their rules to adapt to change. However, allowing trans competitors may have been over the top in her own opinion.

“Simplicity always pays off. Tattooed girls, with piercings, and extensions participate in our contest. It’s all part of the new way of talking about women, but we try not to facilitate everything that is excessive to accentuate the aesthetics. Excesses are not good.” Mirigliani expounded.

Earlier this month, Miss Netherlands crowned the first-ever trans woman to represent their country in the Miss Universe pageant

The recently crowned Miss Universe Netherlands 2023, Rikkie Valerie Kolle, has unfortunately become a target of online hate and negativity. Despite her incredible achievement in winning the prestigious title, she has been subjected to unwarranted criticism and derogatory comments. The online sphere, often a breeding ground for cyberbullying, has seen an influx of harmful remarks aimed at the beauty queen. It is disheartening to witness such negativity overshadowing the celebration of her success. However, amidst the hate, it is crucial to remember the resilience and strength of Miss Universe Netherlands 2023, as she serves as a role model for aspiring individuals and a reminder of the importance of standing strong against online harassment.

Rikkie Valerie Kolle is a Dutch and Moluccan descent who works as a model and actress in the Netherlands. Kolle, 22, was born as a biological male and raised in Breda, Netherlands. She makes history as the first-ever transgender woman to win Miss Netherlands and is the second one to participate in Miss Universe (the first was Spain’s Ángela Maria Ponce Camacho in 2018). According to World360News, Rikkie wants to be the voice and role model of transgender and queer persons. Additionally, it was there that they revealed Rikkie came out during her younger years. And, with her crown as Miss Netherlands, she can utilize it to become the representative of her community.

The internet has a mixed reaction following Miss Italy’s decision to ban trans people from the pageant

This is really a tough one and it’s very hard to debate. Although, most people on Twitter agree about Miss Italy banning trans competitors moving forward. As we all know, the new owner of the Miss Universe organization is a transwoman named Anne Jakrajutatip. The Thai billionaire is the CEO of JKN Global Group and is now the biggest shareholder of the biggest beauty pageant in the world. In her own words, Jakrajutatip wants to empower women (of all sorts) by considering diverse cultures, social inclusion, gender equality, creativity, a force for good, and a force for the beauty of humanity.

Miss Italy bans trans people

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