Monopoly GO Labor Day Parade: All Rewards | How to Get

Monopoly GO is back with another limited time event containing lots of rewards for you to win. It is identical to the many events that we have seen before and offers dice rolls, stickers, cash and limited time perks/boosts as prizes. Today, we will be listing all the rewards and how to get them from the Labor Day Parade event in Monopoly GO. Check them out by going through the whole article.

How to play the Labor Day Parade event in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO Labor Day Parade: All Rewards | How to Get - Labor Day Event
Screengrab Courtesy of Monopoly GO
  • During the event, you will be able to get 4 points each time your token lands on any of the four corners within the board. Collect the required number of these points to claim the corresponding rewards.
  • Increase the quantity of points you receive by adding multiplier to your dice rolls. Typically, you have the option of selecting a multiplier of 2x, 3x, or 5x. However, a temporary multiplier boost allows you to use a 10x or 20x multiplier.
  • It is quite rare for the token to land on the corner tiles of the board. That is why you will need to roll the dice frequently if you want to collect points for the event. This is going to consume a lot of your dice rolls which are limited in number and also has a slow regeneration time.
  • While you always have the option to buy cash and dice rolls with your money, there are plenty of ways through which you can get them for free. Feel free to check out our guide in order to know more about it.

All Rewards from the Monopoly GO Labor Day Parade event

Below is the list of all the rewards along with the points you need to get them from the Labor Day event in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO Labor Day Parade: All Rewards | How to Get - All Rewards List
Courtesy of Monopoly GO via Facebook
Labor Day Parade Event Milestone Points Required Labor Day Parade Event Rewards
1 5 Cash Rewards
2 10 10 dice rolls
3 10 Cash rewards
4 10 Green Sticker Pack
5 55 60 dice rolls
6 15 Cash rewards
7 20 10 Min Rent Frenzy
8 20 Green Sticker Pack
9 25 Cash rewards
10 150 180 dice rolls
11 30 Cash rewards
12 35 Cash rewards
13 35 Green Sticker Pack
14 40 Cash rewards
15 300 375 dice rolls
16 40 10 Min Cash Grab
17 45 Cash rewards
18 50 Orange Sticker Pack
19 55 Cash rewards
20 600 775 dice rolls
21 55 5 Min Cash Boost
22 60 Pink Sticker Pack
23 65 Cash rewards
24 60 Cash rewards
25 1K 1.2K dice
26 70 15 Min High Roller
27 100 Yellow Sticker Pack
28 110 Cash rewards
29 125 100 dice rolls
30 800 Cash rewards
31 175 Cash rewards
32 250 175 dice rolls
33 300 Blue Sticker Pack
34 280 Cash rewards
35 1.6K 1.7K dice rolls
36 400 25 Mins Rent Frenzy
37 600 Cash rewards
38 700 Cash rewards
39 800 Blue Sticker Pack
40 3K 3K dice rolls
41 850 Cash rewards
42 900 Purple Sticker Pack
43 950 700 dice rolls
44 3.2K Cash rewards
45 1K 1.5K dice rolls
46 1.2K Cash rewards
47 1.4K Blue and Gold Sticker Pack
48 1.5K Cash rewards
49 6K Blue and Gold Sticker Pack and 7K dice rolls



This was the full list of the rewards from the Labor Day Parade event in Monopoly GO. How many points did you manage to collect so far? Let us know in the comments below.

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