Monopoly GO: How to get Gold Cards

Monopoly GO: How to get Gold Cards

If you’re a Monopoly GO player, collecting those elusive Gold Cards or Golden Stickers is undoubtedly the ultimate quest for you if you are seeking to enhance your sticker collections. These prized possessions are so rare that trading them is not even an option at the moment. If you were wondering how to get these super rare Gold Cards in Monopoly GO, we’ve got you covered.

What are Gold Cards in Monopoly GO?

Gold Cards in Monopoly GO are akin to treasure chests, and their rarity makes them highly sought after by players. These exquisite cards can be found in different sticker packs, with varying degrees of difficulty in obtaining them. Here’s a breakdown of your chances of striking Gold:

Pack Variety

  • Sticker packs come in different colors, such as green, blue, and purple.
  • It’s believed by some players that your odds of finding Gold Cards are higher when opening blue, purple, and premium purple packs.
  • However, don’t rule out the green packs entirely; luck might still favor you.

Limited-Time Events

  • Participating in limited-time events is one of the ways to boost your chances of acquiring Gold Stickers.
  • These events offer tasks that grant you points upon completion. Accumulating enough points can earn you Sticker Packs, free Dice, and in-game currency.

Top 3 in Tournaments

  • If you’re a competitive spirit, tournaments might be your path to Gold Cards.
  • Compete against fellow players, aiming to outscore and outperform the competition.
  • Achieving a top-three rank in tournaments increases your chances of obtaining these precious stickers.

The Catalog of Gold Cards

Each season in Monopoly GO presents a unique collection of Gold Cards. In the current season, Epic Myths, you have the opportunity to collect 21 dazzling Gold Cards, making this season a Gold Card collector’s dream. These cards span various themes and are categorized by star ratings:

  • 1-Star Gold Cards
  • 2-Star Gold Cards
  • 3-Star Gold Cards
  • 4-Star Gold Cards
  • 5-Star Gold Cards

How to get Gold Cards in Monopoly GO:

The good news is that while Gold Cards are rare, they are not entirely out of reach. You can earn Gold Card Packs through several methods, each with its own level of guarantee:

Where to Find:
Monopoly GO: How to get Gold Cards
1-star gold guaranteed Wheel Spin and some other places
Monopoly GO: How to get Gold Cards
2 Star gold guaranteed Completing five boards is your ticket to this pack.
Monopoly GO: How to get Gold Cards
3 Star gold guaranteed Keep an eye out for this pack in the 2500-point sticker vault.
4 Star
4 Star gold guaranteed Milestone rewards in certain main events may grant you these packs.
5 Star Gold Card
5 Star gold guaranteed Aim for top placement in specific tournaments to secure this pack.
Any 1 Missing New card
Any 1 NEW missing card you need An ultra-rare pack is occasionally found in 2500-point sticker vaults, events, and tournaments.


Trading Gold Cards: A Mythical Quest

As of now, trading Gold Cards in Monopoly GO remains a myth.

  • Players cannot exchange these coveted stickers, so you must rely on your luck and skills to complete your collection.
  • However, keep an eye on potential updates, as the community’s desire for trading Gold Cards may influence the game’s future developments.

Monopoly GO’s Gold Cards are a symbol of prestige (and flex) and dedication for collectors. While the journey to acquiring them may be challenging, you can become a proud owner with the right strategies and a touch of luck.

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