Top 5 Best Darna Actresses of All-time – Ranked

Best Darna Actress Ranked

DC may have their Wonder Woman and Marvel may have Thundra, but Philippine comics also take pride in their most beloved super heroine, DARNA. Started her way from being drawn in the comic books, to getting numerous of TV and movie adaptations, Filipinos seem to can’t get enough of the female icon. Idolized by many, there is already a long list of top-tier actresses who have portrayed the titular character. In this article, we will be ranking the best Filipino actress to ever wear the mantle of Darna through the years.

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5. Anjanette Abayari

Anjanette Palencia Abayari rose to fame when she won Binibinang Pilipinas back in 1991. Populat as a sexy star, actress, and beauty queen, Abayari was chosen to suit up as Mars Ravelo’s Darna.

Anjanette Abayari as Darna

Abayari may be one of the sexiest and most beautiful actress to ever play as the titular character. In addition to that, Darna: Ang Pagbabalik (1994) was the last full-length Daena film created. Since then, the infamous heroine has been entertaining the Filipino people on television.

4. Jane De Leon

The most recent actress to bear the role is the 23 year old rising star, Jane De Leon.

Liza Soberano was supposed to play the part, but after suffering an injury, Soberano was forced to give it up. This brings us to Jane De Leon. After fighting hundreds of aspiring actresses in the audition, De Leon was eventually awarded with the much-awaited role. It’s still early to say but De Leon may already be up there as one of the best to do it. As a very relatable character, the up and coming actress has been showing both sides of the character, Darna and Narda.

3. Vilma Santos

It’s not surprising that the “Star for All Seasons” once graced Philippine cinema as Darna during her prime.

Vilma Santos as Darna
Photo Courtesy of ABS-CBB

The multi-awarded actress is known for amazing performances in drama movies, but she can also be remembered to portray the character in her early 20s. In the 1970s, the success she was getting as Darna resulted to her getting the role in a total of four films.

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2. Angel Locsin

It’s already been almost 20 years since Angel Locsin once soared through the skies but she is still embodying the role in reality.

Angel Locsin as Darna
Photo Courtesy of Philippine Inquirer

In 2005, GMA brought the popular superhero to life on television, which starred Angel Locsin. After her success in prior tv shows (Mulawin and Click), Locsin became the go-to actress for top projects in GMA. The then 20-year old matinee idol took the showbusiness by storm by making Darna as the highest rated TV show in Philippine history. Not only does she have the looks and physique, Angel Locsin was also an extremely talented actress. Plus, she won FHM’s Sexiest Woman of the Year award that same year (2005).

1. Marian Rivera

Finally, the top spot on our list is no other than Marian Rivera.

Marian Rivera as Darna
Photo Courtesy of FEISTY MOMMA

Marian, who was already rising as the best leading lady in the late 2000s and early 2010s took on a role that was played by Angel Locsin a few years backm in 2009, after her success with Dyesebel and Marimar, Marian portrayed the superhero character and wowed her viewers with her acting skills and her portrayal of Darna. The best thing that probably separated her from other versions of the heroine could be her perfect depiction of Darna’s alter ego, Narda.

Who do you believe is the best Darna in Philippine history? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. For more content, stay with us, here at Spiel Times.

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