GTA 6: Top 6 Crazy Ending Ideas by Reddit Users

GTA 6: Top 5 Crazy Ending Ideas by Reddit Users

As the highly anticipated GTA 6 edges closer to release, the Reddit community is creating theories on how the game’s grand finale might unfold. Check out the top theories from Reddit, featuring one mind-bending twist proposed by a savvy user.

1. Life-or-Death Choice

Reddit users created speculation about an ending where players are forced to decide who lives between the protagonists, Jason and Lucia. This choice would directly shape the destiny of these protagonists, creating a moral dilemma into the climax of GTA 6. One user said: “It most likely will. They kind of highlighted that “trust” dialogue scene and knowing how rockstar loves its movie cliches it will probably do the ole lover turned enemies.”

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2. Good Ending: Both Lucia and Jason lives

Picture this scenario: By resisting the temptation to pull the trigger for a certain number of minutes, players might be able to avoid killing both Jason and Lucia. Another user suggested that a possible secret ending happens if you wait for a few minutes: “Third Ending is they dont pull the trigger in 3 minutes.”

GTA 6 Who are Jason and Lucia
Jason and Lucia Fan Art by @debunkedwaffles via Twitter

3. Alternate Ending: Possible New Character

A theory by Redditor DaWizzurd suggests that pressing both buttons at the same time could lead to the surprising replacement of Jason and Lucia by another character from the game. This character might then take charge in the post-game or a game+ mode. DaWizzurd commented: “My theory is that both die in the end and you play the epilogue as another character that you meet and work with a lot in the story.”

GTA 6: Top 5 Crazy Ending Ideas by Reddit Users
Screengrab Courtesy of TeaserPlay via YouTube

4. A Happy Ending Theory for Jason and Lucia in GTA 6

HitPointG introduces a theory proposing a happy ending where both Jason and Lucia form a couple, eventually leading to Lucia giving birth. In a post-credits sequence, you would step into the shoes of the couple’s child, taking the role of a new character. Here’s what’s in their mind: “How I feel and leaning more on both of them going out with a bang after Lucia gives birth, and it picks up as you playing as their daughter post credits with a timeskip similar to RDR1. The ex lovers betrayal cliche is so overdone and would rather be rooting for both of them in the end. Love prevails but it’s bittersweet. Idk if it’s been noted but Lucia looks a bit different in the opening scene, as if she’s aged a few years.”

GTA 6: Top 5 Crazy Ending Ideas by Reddit Users
Screengrab Courtesy of Rockstar Games via YouTube

However, this theory has a plot hole where one commenter said: “You didn’t think this one through. The game takes place in the 2020s, so you’re telling me the time skip will jump to the 2040s. Rockstar doesn’t go deep into the future. Literally everyone who has this theory never notices how illogical it is. R* wants a game to age well, and doing this would be a bad idea.”

5. Bad Ending

Another intriguing theory comes from Reddit user Mr–McMuffin, proposing a scenario where both protagonists meet their demise by simultaneously pressing the shoot button, triggering a bad ending. This theory received different reactions among users, with some questioning who would replace them during the post-game or game+.

Screengrab Courtesy of Rockstar Games via YouTube
Screengrab Courtesy of Rockstar Games via YouTube

6. A Twist – Duel Turned Alliance

When Jason and Lucia are about to shoot each other, enemies are sneaking up behind them. Now, here’s what’s going to happen: instead of shooting at each other, they both turn their guns toward the real danger. It might sound like a movie, but in GTA world, who knows?

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