Genshin Impact: Hard and Soft Pity Explained

Genshin Impact implements a Pity System where a specific number of rolls will guarantee a high-value roll. However, some mathematical savvy players calculated a more precise percentage for each roll. Thus, the Pity System is classified into Soft and Hard Pity. In this article, let us explain in detail the Hard and Softy Pity System of Genshin Impact.

These are based on simulations and millions of actual wishes. As always, take this with a grain of salt.

Genshin Impact: Pity System

miHoYO’s Genshin Impact is unlike other Gacha games. While it is still a money-grabbing machine, the game does not bombard you with ads and pop-ups to keep you gambling. If you plan your Primo Gem spending carefully as a free-to-play, there is no reason to lag behind the spenders.

What enables you to plan carefully? By understanding the Pity System of Genshin Impact. As a straightforward explanation, all players will get a high-value character with a certain number of rolls.

The gacha community invented the term “pity” to describe how many pulls or wishes are needed for a major character. For Genshin Impact, this is the number of wishes required to guarantee a 5-star.

Here is the official gacha reward system by miHoYo.


These are called the Hard Pity. It means that you have a 100% chance of getting a 4 or 5 star in these certain number of rolls.

  • Standard and Limited Character Banner
    • 10 Rolls – 1 guaranteed 4-star
    • 90 Rolls – 1 guaranteed 5-star
  • Weapon Banner
    • 10 Rolls – 1 guaranteed 4-star
    • 80 Rolls – 1 guaranteed 5-star

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Softy Pity

Then, there is a Soft Pity. It is where your chances drastically increase until it became 100% on the Hard Pity.

  • Standard and Limited Character Banner
    • 8 Rolls – 4 Star high drop rate
    • 75 Rolls – 5 Star high drop rate
  • Weapon Banner
    • 7 Rolls – 4 Star high drop rate
    • 60 Rolls – 5 Star high drop rate

Primo Gems: Hard and Soft Pity

What does soft and hard pity have to do with spending your primogems? Well, it always depends if you want to get 4 stars or 5 stars. Since you can do multiple rolls at the same time in Genshin, it is easy to just roll 10 at the same time since you will get a guaranteed 4-star.

But, knowing that you can already get a 4-star in 7 rolls means you don’t have to roll 10 at the same time. In this way, you will likely save your Primo gems for the 3 rolls.

The same goes for the 5-star rolls. For example, you only want to get 4-star in a standard banner but you want a different 5-star than the current one in the same banner. It is highly recommended to stop at the 74th pull since the 75th pull already has a drastically higher chance of increasing your 5-star drop rate.

Saving the 75th pull for your desired 5-star will potentially save you 15 worth of rolls since the chances are higher in this Soft Pity roll.

Note that Standard, Limited, and Weapon Banners all have different Pity Counts. Moreover, all the banners carry over when the items or character changes as long they are in the same banner.

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