TikTok’s ‘Nudge’ Button: A Guide for Confused Users

TikTok’s ‘Nudge’ Button A Guide for Confused Users

TikTok, the popular short-form video app, has been adding new features to its platform to enhance user engagement. One of the latest features is the ‘Nudge’ button. However, this feature has left many users confused. If you’re one of them, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to use TikTok’s Nudge feature or button.

The social media application has been a fan of change and we all know that. Based on its fast-paced change in trends, content, and features, TikTok has been rocking every part of the globe. We do hope that everyone can try this Nudge feature though, so before you get a hand on it, here’s what it is for.

What is the TikTok Nudge Button?

The Nudge button is a feature on TikTok that allows users to notify their favorite content creators to go live. It’s a way of showing support and letting the creator know you’re interested in watching their live videos.

  • Let’s put it: You have this loved creator or influencer on TikTok. You follow them, scroll and watch their videos, but they don’t do many livestreams. So, here enters TikTok’s Nudge button. Use the Nudge feature to “poke” your favorite content creator to go on live. Get it?

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How to Use the Nudge Button?

To nudge a content creator on TikTok, you need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Visit the Creator’s Profile

Firstly, visit the profile of the content creator that you want to nudge. You have to make sure that you follow the content creator first for a smoother ‘nudge’ experience. If you miss following the creator, TikTok would advise you to hit the Follow button first.

TikTok nudge button, how to use
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Step 2: Tap the Bell Icon to change Live Notification Settings

Next, tap the small bell icon located at the top right corner of your screen. An option to change your Live Notification Settings appears once you click the Bell icon. Here, you can find a button that allows you to nudge the TikToker.

TikTok Nudge, bell icon
Photo Courtesy of TikTok
  • Do note that this Nudge feature is still being tested by the TikTok tech team. Only several users and content creators can see and use this feature. This has been up on the social media platform since 2022, and up to this date, people still wonder when it will come out.
  • When your Nudge feature seems accessible, when you Nudge a content creator, it notifies them that you want them to go on live. And of course, by hitting the Bell Icon, you can be notified when they go on live, so you don’t miss any streams anymore!

Step 3: Enable/Disable the Nudge Feature

If you don’t want to be nudged, you can disable the feature by going to the Creator’s Tool and choosing Nudge from the options. The page features an option called “Allow viewers to nudge you,” which can be toggled on or off.


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Why Use the TikTok Nudge Button?

The Nudge button is a way to increase engagement between everyday viewers and content creators with just a single click. By nudging your favorite creators, you’re letting them know that you’re interested in watching their live videos, which can motivate them to go live more often.

The Nudge button is an exciting feature on TikTok that allows users to connect with their favorite content creators. Although it may be confusing to use at first, following the steps outlined in this guide will make it easier for you to nudge your favorite TikTokers.

Keep up with your favorite content creators on TikTok using the Nudge button. We hope to see you in one of their live streams there!

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