One Piece SBS Vol. 105: Oda finally reveals Zoro’s Family Tree

Oda finally reveals Zoro's Family Tree

Zoro’s ancestry has remained a mystery throughout the show for after several years. But Oda finally chose to reveal a surprising revelation about his lineage. It appears that our beloved swordsman’s family tree is anything but ordinary. Stick around to know more about how Oda reveals Zoro’s family tree!

With an abundance of revelations to slip into the manga, Oda opted to reveal the bombshell about Roronoa Zoro to the world through the One Piece magazine instead.

Oda finally reveals Zoro’s Family Tree

Oda finally reveals Zoro's Family Tree
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Very recently, Oda delved into the backstory of the cherished swordsman of the series. While admitting that they had no intention of delving into Zoro’s ancestry within the manga.

  • While that did disappoint many fans, Oda has finally put an end to the mystery.
  • He revealed a detailed family tree of Roronoa Zoro in the recent SBS corner of Volume 105 of the manga. It has been revealed that Zoro’s family hails from Wano and that he is also related to Shimotsuki Ryuma.

What is Zoro’s Family Tree? Explained

Oda finally reveals Zoro's Family Tree
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As per Oda, 55 years ago, a ship departed from Wano country, carrying Shimotsuki Furiko, who happened to be the elder sister of Shimotsuki Ushimar.

Following three years, the ship arrived in East Blue where they defeated the bandits that were causing chaos in the village. Where ten people from the ship decided to settle in that area.

Shimotsuki Furiko eventually married a swordsman named Roronoa Pinzoro from that village, and they had a child named Roronoa Arashi. Arashi, in turn, married Terra, the daughter of the bandits.

Oda finally reveals Zoro's Family Tree
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  • Roronoa Arashi and Terra then became the parents of our favorite swordsman, Roronoa Zoro.
  • Unfortunately, Arashi perished in battle, and Terra succumbed to an illness, leaving Zoro orphaned.

After that, Zoro joined the dojo founded by the Shimotsuki family, where he encountered his cousin, Shimotsuki Kuina, who tragically passed away in an accident.

How is Zoro related to the legendary swordsman Ryuma?

Zoro’s grandmother, Shimotsuki Furiko, was a descendant of Ryuma, the legendary swordsman of Wano, making Zoro a relative of the God of Blade.

  • In the Thriller Bark arc, Zoro crossed paths with Ryuma, who was brought back to life by Gekko Moria using Brook’s shadow.
  • During the encounter, it became evident that Zoro and Ryuma shared various similarities, such as their physical appearance and fighting technique.

There will be no more elaboration about Zoro’s bloodline anymore

Until the 1077th Chapter’s recent SBS, no confirmation was made regarding Zoro’s family tree. Even though Zoro, Ryuma, and Ushimaru share apparent physical resemblances, the connection between the three was not entirely clear.

In the SBS question segment, which was translated by fans, Oda stated that there was no necessity to elaborate further on Zoro’s lineage in the manga. He confirmed that Zoro is undoubtedly a descendant of the Shimotsuki family, providing all of his known ancestry information.


Zoro’s relationship with this exceptionally powerful samurai could potentially explain a part of his epic abilities.

That’s everything to know about how Oda finally reveals Zoro’s family tree. Did you understand the chart? If there’s anything you’re confused about, do let us know in the comments down below.

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