MHA Vigilantes : Will Vigilantes make an appearance in the Main series?

MHA Vigilantes : Will Vigilantes make an appearance in the Main series?

MHA Vigilantes is a spin-off manga series that explores the lives of unsanctioned heroes who operate outside the law to protect the innocent. While the main series primarily focuses on the journey of Izuku Midoriya and his classmates at U.A. High School, fans have often speculated whether the vigilantes from the spin-off will make an appearance in the main storyline.

The Nature of Vigilantes

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To fully understand the potential for vigilantes to cross over into the main series, it’s important to fully understand how vigilanteism functions within the My Hero Academia universe. In the world of MHA, the government strictly regulates the use of Quirks and only licensed heroes are officially allowed to save the day.

Vigilantes, on the other hand, are unauthorized individuals who take it upon themselves to fight crime and protect the innocent. While their intentions are noble, their actions exist in a legal gray area.

Vigilantes are individuals who take on the role of heroes without receiving proper training or authorization from the Hero Public Safety Commission. While this skips a lot of the in-between bureaucracy, it also makes way for certain questionable means of dealing with Villains, with little to no accountability.

Narrative Shift

As the characters mature and the stakes become higher, My Hero Academia starts delving into more complex and morally gray situations. The series starts to question the established hero system, raising concerns about corruption, bureaucracy, and the limitations of a society reliant on authorized heroes. These themes are central to the Vigilantes storyline, which explores the perspectives and struggles of those operating outside the law to uphold justice.

The inclusion of vigilantes could provide a fresh perspective on heroism and the social dynamics within the MHA universe. The clash of ideologies between authorized heroes and vigilantes could spark intriguing conflicts and allow for a deeper exploration of the flaws within the established hero system. It could offer a nuanced examination of the differences between sanctioned heroes and vigilantes, shedding light on the moral dilemmas faced by both sides.

Alignment in the Final War

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Given the current course of events in the manga, if vigilantes were to be eventually incorporated it must be to shift the tides of the Final War amidst a dire situation. But the question is, which side will they stand for? They fight for justice, of course, but they still are unofficial heroes who are not satisfied with the current system. It is possible that there could be a divide within the Vigilantes where some choose to support the Heroes whereas others might side with the League of Villains.

If the vigilantes choose to align themselves with the heroes, it would demonstrate their commitment to upholding justice and protecting innocent lives. The converse could also happen, where some vigilantes could find themselves sympathizing with the League of Villains or its members. This could be driven by personal connections, shared experiences, or a belief that the hero society has failed to address certain issues adequately.


Regardless of their stance when introduced, if the concept of Vigilantes and the characters from the spin-off make an appearance in the main series it would add a much required layer of depth to the world of My Hero Academia. Regardless of the victors, the Final War is set to reshape the entire Hero Society, and introducing Vigilantes before the end of the War would only serve to amplify its impact.

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