Star Wars Ahsoka: What Happens If Shin Hati and Sabine Wren Team Up?

Shin Hati

The final episode of Ahsoka has brought into focus the fate of five critical figures still stranded on Peridea. As their stories hang in the balance, questions arise about potential alliances and future developments. While Ahsoka Season 2 has yet to receive official confirmation, the speculation and excitement within the Star Wars community continue to grow. For instance, fans wonder if two specific characters will eventually work together in the second season. What will happen when Shin Hati decides to join up with Ahsoka Tano and work with Sabine Wren?

Shin Hati: What The Future Holds For The Lone Wolf

The Ahsoka finale left viewers with intriguing character developments. Shin Hati, although alone, now found company in a group of bandits on Peridea. On the other hand, her mentor, Baylan Skoll, portrayed by Ray Stevenson, embarks on a journey that could hold a significant destiny linked to the enigmatic Mortis gods.

Baylan Skoll, Shin Hati

One possibility that has sparked speculation is Shin forming alliances with familiar faces. Some fans have theorized that she might team up with Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren. After all, Ahsoka offered her help to Shin in Episode 7 when the young Apprentice was left behind by the retreating Night Troopers.

  • Granted, Shin’s pride and confusion over the unexpected act of kindness pushed her to refuse the offer and run away. Still, fans believe that Shin will eventually change her mind and find her way back to Ahsoka’s camp.

The idea of Shin joining Ahsoka’s team is an interesting one, considering her history with Sabine. The two first clashed in the premiere episode of the Star Wars series, and the tension between the Apprentices has been the topic of several fan theories since then.

  • At one point, some fans believed that Shin and Sabine collaborated to help the latter escape as soon as they touched down on Peridea. However, Shin’s loyalty to Baylan kept her from diverting from their mission.

On a personal note, Shin’s story is especially tragic, considering that her background was loosely explained on the show. It was confirmed that Baylan found her to be a young, Force-sensitive girl and immediately began training her as a warrior. Although Shin initially thought she was similar to Sabine and Ezra Bridger, who is described as “Bokken Jedi,” Baylan quickly corrects her, claiming that she was being trained for something else.

  • It’s an interesting note to consider, and there is a possibility that Baylan had big plans for Shin in the future. Perhaps it will be something that can be explored in the second season.

Could Shin Hati Join the Light Side in Ahsoka Season 2

In the Star Wars universe, redemption arcs for antagonistic characters are not uncommon. Many characters, once aligned with the dark side, have undergone transformations and embraced the path of light. Given this recurring theme, fans wonder whether Shin Hati might experience a redemption arc in her future storyline.

Ahsoka has already extended a hand to her, hinting at the possibility of a shift in her character’s trajectory. If Shin decides to join Ahsoka, Sabine, and Huyang, there is a huge chance she will eventually join the fight against her own former Master. Perhaps she might even help the New Republic stop Grand Admiral Thrawn from bringing back the Galactic Empire.


While awaiting official details about Ahsoka Season 2, these unanswered questions and intriguing character dynamics fuel the anticipation within the Star Wars community.

The fates of these beloved characters and their evolving narratives hold significant interest for fans. In the meantime, fans can enjoy the first season’s eight episodes, currently streaming on Disney+.

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