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Bethesda is known for including Easter eggs in their games. Their latest title, Starfield, is no exception. With over 1,000 planets to explore, you can actually encounter a historical figure, Amelia Earhart. Now, how do you find and unlock this secret companion? In this article, we will guide you through every detail!

How to find Amelia Earhart as a Companion in Starfield

In Starfield, unlocking most companions is quite straightforward. They are commonly found in bars throughout the Settled Systems or working with the Constellation organization. However, there exists an exceptionally unique companion that can only be acquired through secret missions in the remote corners of space.

Upon discovering a long-lost colony, you’ll have the opportunity to recruit the renowned female pilot, Amelia Earhart.

  • Locating Amelia Earhart requires venturing into the farthest reaches of the Settled Systems.
  • It’s imperative that you possess an upgraded spacecraft capable of covering such extreme distances. 
  • It’s important to have the best weapons in your armory.
  • It’s highly advisable to attempt this only when you have the skills to pilot Class B spaceships. 
  • To put it into perspective, the targeted region is classified as Level 65, which implies that you may not stumble upon it in your journey until after completing the main storyline.

Now, let’s delve into the primary question: How can you unlock Amelia Earhart as your companion? Follow these steps!

Step 1: Travel to Charybdis System

Starfield Charybdis
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To obtain the historical figure companion in Starfield, you must embark on an extraordinary mission that carries a strong resemblance to Fallout’s atmosphere.

Your journey takes you to the Charybdis System, which can be reached by navigating through several other systems: 

  • Ophion / Hyla > Moloch > Shoza > Ixyll > Zosma > Charybdis.

Locating this system can prove to be quite challenging. To make the voyage, you’ll require a Grav Engine capable of covering distances of 22 light-years or more.

Note that the region you’re entering is rated as Level 65. You can procure a ship with a range exceeding 23 light-years from the Ship Services vendor. Furthermore, unlocking Piloting Rank 2 and Rank 3 is essential to obtain a ship with sufficient range for reaching this system.

Step 2: Operation Starseed Mission

Tobias Starfield
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Upon your arrival on planet Charybdis 3, the commencement of ‘Operation Starseed’ will take place. You’ll land on a mysterious facility known as ‘The Crucible’ within the Charybdis 3 system.

  • Upon reaching The Crucible, your first point of contact will be a robotic assistant named Tobias.
  • During your conversation with Tobias, you will encounter another character named Ada.
  • Following this, you will receive instructions to engage in a conversation with Franklin, a member of one of the various ‘Societies’ within the lost colony.
FDR Starfield Historical Figure
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Here’s where it gets intriguing. Franklin, who you’ll be conversing with, happens to be none other than Franklin Delano Roosevelt, also known as FDR! As it turns out, every inhabitant in this lost colony is a clone.

Step 3: Continue on the Historical Figure-Filled Quest

After your conversation with FDR, all the clones will be granted the freedom to roam the colony.

Genghis Khan Starfield
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  • Your next task is to engage in discussions with significant historical figures like Genghis Khan. He is stationed outside the colony walls and seeks your assistance in fending off alien attackers.
  • You should also initiate a conversation with Wyatt Earp. He is attempting to sell rooms at the hotel, adding a unique aspect to the colony’s dynamics.
  • Queen Amanirenas, who belongs to a society that has faced complete devastation, will express her desire to repair the Facility. 
Queen Amanirenas Starfield
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As you navigate these interactions, you’ll notice that each of the three leaders harbors different ideas on how to resolve the situation within The Crucible.

Before making your way to the facility, Wyatt Earp will request a meeting in a cave, commencing the mission ‘Secret Lives.’ Surprisingly, Wyatt Earp isn’t a clone of himself but rather a clone of the infamous serial killer, H.H. Holmes.

Regardless of your decision, proceed to the Facility to resolve the lost colony. 

  • You will encounter robotic entities grappling with a repulsive infestation known as the Maggotmaw.
  • Your objective will be to locate and collect seven slates bearing vital clues scattered throughout the facility.
  • Follow the markers guiding you toward your objectives.
  • Once you’ve gathered the slates, proceed and access the computer interface to advance the mission.

Step 4: Discover the Beagle

The Beagle Starfield
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To advance the quest and liberate all the clones, deliver the information to one of the three leaders: Franklin, Ghengis Khan, or Amanirenas. Your choice will determine the next task, which involves uncovering the code for the restricted section.

  • Engage in a conversation with Ada Lovelace, who will provide crucial information regarding the Beagle, the vessel from which the clones originated. 
  • This ship can be found at Bel V. 

Your next destination is Zelazny 1, which is located 27 light-years away. It may be necessary to either upgrade your ship or enlist the assistance of a crew member skilled in Astrophysics to cover this distance effectively. Head to Zelazny 1 as your next destination.

Step 5: Unlock Amelia Earhart as Companion

Amelia Earhart Starfield Companion
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Upon arriving at the Beagle, you will discover the codes that grant access to the restricted section of the Facility. 

  • After acquiring these codes, return to the Facility, where you will have the opportunity to end the quest.
  • Regardless of your decision, there is an additional option to assist Amelia Earhart in escaping the colony. 
  • She can then become your companion, fully participating in your journey. 
  • While romantic involvement isn’t on the table, she can serve as a valuable crew member or join you in combat as a trusted companion.

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