Valorant, Riot’s venture into FPS, seems to be the next big competitive title to watch out for. Riot has been keeping a tight lid on all details, but they do not have any control over leaks by partnered streamers and professional players (who have been roped in for promotional purposes). One such clip has leaked online, and while it does not show a full match in itself, some of the features could be seen quite prominently.

The leak was first posted to the Valorant subreddit by Reddit user u/Wee_Tommy.

A training mode seems to be a prominent part of Valorant, and features four main modes. Open Range allows free exploration of Valorant’s many maps while Shooting Test allows players to improve their gunning skills. Spike Planting and Spike Defuse seem to be targeted on objective focused gameplay (where one has to either plant the ‘bomb’ or Spike or defuse it).

The first screen of the leaked gameplay also shows that different guns will have different skins. Considering that Valorant is free-to-play, cosmetics monetization makes a lot of sense.

Valorant’s closed beta starts April 7 for Europe and North America. Players can get access to the game by linking their Riot account with their Twitch account and watching their favorite Riot-partnered Valorant streamer on Twitch.




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