Will Meghan Markle Return to Acting? | Rumored Hollywood ‘Reinvention’

Will Meghan Markle Return to Acting? | Rumored Hollywood 'Reinvention'

Ever since Meghan Markle stepped down as an active working senior royal with her husband, Prince Harry, in 2020, there have been undying rumors that she will return to acting. Though three years have passed since the so-called Megxit happened, the former actress has yet to return to the big or small screen. However, news recently emerged that the Duchess of Sussex is planning a Hollywood reinvention with a new team.

Is Meghan Markle Returning to Acting?

There have been long-standing rumors that Meghan is returning to acting. A lot has already been said about it. And the latest, she’s allegedly already in talks with “big-name directors and producers.” A source told Life & Style Magazine that with the success of the reruns of her hit TV series Suits, there’s a growing demand for her return to acting.

Though the 42-year-old loves the idea and would like to do TV shows, she wants to opt for a dramatic film role to have an Oscar. To add more fuel to the fire, her recent signing with WME CEO Ari Emanuel and his team reportedly resulted in a flood of offers. Though nothing has come to fruition yet, with Meghan’s love for acting, it may not be far from happening.

WME is known for representing high-profile talents in the industry, from writers to filmmakers to actors, producers, fashion designers, and more. It also handles speaking engagements, and media production and events, among others.

Hence, another insider told Page Six that despite Meghan being an actress, her deal with WME isn’t just about making movies or TV shows. It’s about making new projects that she will soon produce, initially planning to “run a show.”

Meghan Markle’s Rumored Hollywood ‘Reinvention’

Anyhow, the mother-of-two is reportedly not planning to return to acting. What she allegedly plans to do is to undergo a “Hollywood reinvention” with her new team. A different source told Us Weekly that this new group is already around her and strategizing the mediums they will use that will create the most impact.

And true to the Sussexes’ fashion, the actress-turned-royal’s next step is “rooted in giving back” and “philanthropy.” The insider added that she has constantly communicated with fashion houses and documentary directors to fulfill her plans.

“There isn’t anything locked in yet, but the most promising [thing] for everyone seems to be Meghan and Harry highlighting important issues through docuseries and bringing attention and fundraising,” the tipster continued.

Should Meghan Markle Return to Acting?

There may be no problem if Meghan wants to return to acting. She no longer works for the royals, giving her freedom if she wants to do so. But she should prepare herself for the comments and criticisms of her haters and bashers if she returns to the screen.

There’s also a possibility that Meghan may not be seen acting in front of the camera anymore. Her acting days have been passed behind her, and she has represented herself in a new light. She’s now more known as a philanthropist, making several efforts for the community along with her husband, Prince Harry. If there’s one thing she may do in the entertainment world, it is probably to produce and create worthy projects, like what she does for Netflix, working behind the scenes.

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