Overwatch League Grand Finals Viewership Surpasses 11 Million

The Overwatch League grand finals ended with huge viewership numbers. The event garnered more than 11 million viewerships from all across the globe, Blizzard reported.

The grand finals that took place between America-based Philadelphia Fusion and British team London Spitfire ended in 1-3 for the first match and 0-3 for the second, crowning London Spitfire as the winners of the league. The 11 million viewership mark surpassed the entire viewership figure for the Week 1 matches.

The grand finals scored an “average minute audience” of 605,013, which is indeed a huge number for an esport title. The Overwatch League was broadcast across many television channels in the US, China and South Korea apart from the online streaming platforms Twitch and MLG.

With every passing day, more and more people are getting engaged with esport titles, increasing the net value of these games to remarkable measures.

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