Taylor Swift The Eras Tour LEGO Set Inclusions + Details | Can you buy it online?

Taylor Swift Eras Tour LEGO set

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour has become a landmark cultural event in modern music history. From perpetually sold-out stadiums to world leaders inviting her to their countries, the singer has managed to turn all the spotlight towards her. Now, her tour is so iconic that it’s on the verge of getting its own LEGO set. Let’s look at all the details we know so far about the Taylor Swift Eras Tour-inspired LEGO set and how to buy it online. 

Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour LEGO Set explained

A LEGO designer named ‘donnydings’ on the brand’s Ideas platforms came up with a concept to honor Taylor Swift and her ongoing The Eras Tour. The designer posted the product idea on the LEGO Ideas page in June 2023. 

Image courtesy of LEGO Ideas / donnydings

Since then, the concept has gone viral on social media, with Swifties rallying in support of bringing it to life. In order to achieve this, the design needs over 10,000 supporters, and it hit this mark earlier today.

The Taylor Swift Eras Tour LEGO set is a minifig-scale replica of the tour’s stage with various intricate details. It is made up of a staggering 2974 parts and features four lighting rigs for the stage. 

The best part is that fans get ten minifigures, consisting of Taylor Swift from her Eras, guitarist Paul Sidoti, and four backup dancers. The main, diamond, and front stages can all be detached using the technic pin.

All features of the Eras Tour LEGO Set

If you’re a Swiftie, get ready to explore some of the tasteful details and features of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour LEGO set. The set comprises a detachable Rep snake from her reputation album and Lover House screen effects.

The diamond stage portion has raisable platforms, and the iconic trees from Evermore all rise from the stage. The Look What You Made Me Do glass boxes also capture her concerts’ essence and serve as storage for Taylor figurines from non-Rep eras.

Image courtesy of LEGO Ideas / donnydings

The main screen has three swinging doors and sliding floor plates, which accommodate the staging arrangements. A Folklore house also emerges from the stage, with some Bad Blood fire effects and a surprise song piano. 

The set has a diving hole, Karma fireworks, storage space for items like the Red box, Vigilante “Stuff” chairs, guitars, mics, and more.

When will it be available for purchase?

Unfortunately, the Taylor Swift Eras Tour LEGO set is not available for sale yet. However, given that the model just reached 10k supporters, the company will verify the idea in the Review phase to determine whether they can create this product. 

Designers, product managers, and other team members will inspect the idea and build concept models. Once it meets all product standards, the Taylor Swift Eras Tour set will be officially launched by LEGO.

The review process itself will begin only this month. According to the page, the company can take several months to reach a ‘go’ or ‘no go’ decision. 

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