Who is comedian Karl Porter? Slow-mo Goal Celebration goes Viral

Comedian Karl Porter viral slow-motion goal celebration video

Viral TikTok videos and reels often face harsh criticism for glorifying empty humor and people without any ‘real’ talent. However, every once in a while, some people trend for the right reasons and put an incredible amount of genuine skill on display. Comedian Karl Porter’s latest viral slow-motion goal celebration falls in the latter category. The stand-up artist has impressed millions around the world with his impeccable impression of how football players celebrate their goals in slow-motion. Let’s take a look at the viral video and find out more about the comedian.

Karl Porter’s slow-mo goal celebration

Celebrations are an essential part of football’s spectacle. The beautiful game has had some iconic celebrations that even transcend the sport. Cristiano Ronaldo‘s “Siuuu!” and Lionel Messi pointing his fingers to the sky are instantly recognizable today.

However, most football players have a common template for celebrating their goals. It’s one of those things that’s hard to put into words, but you know it when you see it, especially when it’s in slow-motion. But Karl Porter seems to have cracked the code behind this. 

Performing at a comedy gig at Up The Creek in Greenwich, the comedian perfectly executes a footballer’s celebration in slow-motion. He waits to see the ball going into the net, then pretends to start running. He then proceeds to do a knee-slide and completely nails it.

Karl Porter does a great job mimicking minute details in his viral slow-motion goal celebration. This includes the flying glass bottle that he wards off with his head. At the end of the video, a sped-up edit shows the celebration in real time, and it’s absolutely spot on. 

Comedian’s video helps him go viral

It’s been only two days since comedian Karl Porter uploaded the video of his slow-motion goal celebration on Instagram. The viral clip has already amassed over 3.3 million views and 16.8k comments appreciating Porter’s talent. 

The comments section was filled with appreciation from high-profile handles like the Premier League, gaming company Razer, and even the NFL asking him to do a touchdown impression next. 

Image courtesy of Instagram

The video has also taken Karl Porter’s popularity to a whole other level overnight. The Manchester-based comedian has been in the circuit for over three years. He is known for his high-energy physical comedy and more impressions like the slow-mo celebration. 

Karl Porter has won a variety of different comedy competitions across the Northwest. Recently, he appeared as a supporting act for Brennan Reece’s tour at The Lowry Theatre at Salford Quays.

Social media reactions to the slow-mo goal celebration 

While many stand-up comedians, especially UK-based ones, mimic famous football players’ goal celebrations. However, Karl Porter has gone ahead a notch to do it in complete slow-motion style, which is hard to execute.

The comedian’s bizarrely realistic impression has garnered acclaim on platforms like Twitter, where users have reshared the clip millions of times from different handles. Some people have called out big brands like Nike and Adidas to cast Karl Porter in their football ads.

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