PS5 Buy: B&H Implementing Hassle-Free Way To Sell Consoles

Because the PS5 is still hard to come by, Sony has opened applications on PlayStation Direct in the hopes of giving you a shot to purchase it.

  • The PlayStation Direct allows for sales of its products to individuals in the United States and also began operations in Europe in 2019. By using their PSN account to verify, users can obtain the console directly from Sony.
  • It’s a registration for the chance of getting a random invite during a purchase period. If you’re interested in participating in PlayStation’s invitation program, you can read about the selection process in the FAQ section.
  • The endorsement will be via the PlayStation Network account e-mail address, and it will authorize the purchase of the console during a limited-time event.

It’s important to note that the PlayStation Direct isn’t just about securing a PlayStation 5. On January 21st, color plates will be available for pre-order along with all of the company’s other accessories. Sony’s CEO, Jim Ryan, has stated that it will total more than 600 million dollars in the fiscal year and it’s a win-win for both the company and the buyer. A choice that aligns with Bloomberg’s surveys at the start of the month.

So… What Are The Chances?

Obviously, registering does not ensure you will receive a PS5 purchase invite. Sony appears to choose customers at random, but it does enhance your odds of receiving the console by minimizing scalpers.

One individual claims to have received an invite in December. He stated that he got an email from Sony inviting him to place an order for the PS5. In spite of this, he supposedly deleted the message because he wasn’t interested in it. In the end, he comes to the conclusion that Sony is mostly after inactive accounts in order to recoup lost customers.

Uncertainty about the legitimacy of the exclusive link was expressed by others who also received invitations. Users who received similar invitations, however, claim the emails are not scams.

Got an email from PlayStation saying I have an “exclusive link” to purchase a PS5? Is this legit or is this scam bait? from playstation

Cost Reduction?

  • The health crisis has had a significant influence on the technology sector, and everyone knows it. Supply chain difficulties are causing problems for manufacturers trying to procure critical semiconductor components used in devices like gaming consoles.
  • According to Bloomberg, Sony is reconsidering its 2022 plans and wants to focus on the PS4 (reports cite a goal of one million consoles produced) to save the PS5. According to a source who requested anonymity, such an initiative would provide the company with a greater negotiating room with its suppliers.
  • PlayStation Direct’s expansion into Europe is in line with Sony’s goals of lowering manufacturing and distribution expenses with the relaunch of the PS4 and by cutting out middlemen.

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