You’re probably looking for the satellite stations to finish the week 5 epic tasks, but these forts may also contain Fortnite alien nanites, which you can use to create your own editions of the alien firearms or deploy for anti-gravity outcomes. Even if you’ve completed the epic challenges for week 5, you might want to arrive here to get a huge advantage on looting.

Computer Equipment Location

Believer Beach This small outpost can be found past the ravaged fortress on the hillside.
Slurpy Swamp This is the tiniest of the bases, and it’s located next to a ruined shack.
Weeping Woods This outpost is perched atop a cliff and is one of the world’s largest satellite sites.
Misty Meadows To discover it, go east from the bridge and around the cliffside.
Dirty Docks To get to this base, go past the lake and up the hill.
Craggy Cliffs You can find the satellite station by climbing to the very top of the cliff.
Pleasant Park Stealthy Stronghold was once here, but it’s now a deserted base enveloped by old monuments.
Corny Complex Despite the fact that it isn’t essentially a satellite station, it is the hub of the IO agents, and their commander, Doctor Sloane.

Would you like to know where the Fortnite satellite stations are? Numerous bases with satellite dishes strewn about the map in Chapter 2 Season 7 can be found. Each one has unique IO chests containing unique Fortnite alien firearms, tons of computer hardware to destroy, and a large number of IO guards on surveillance.

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