Understanding critical damage and how it works can significantly improve your gaming strategy. This may seem perplexing at first and it does indeed persist through different stages of gameplay.

What is Crit Damage in Fortnite?

  • In Fortnite, critical damage refers to the enhanced damage that occurs when a player lands a shot on an opponent’s head.
  • This critical hit is marked with distinctive golden numbers appearing on the screen, coupled with a unique sound effect. It’s this combination that serves as an audio-visual cue to the player that they’ve just dealt a significant blow to their adversary.

Day 4 Battle

  • Deal Critical Damage to opponents. 1 point per 100 Critical Damage.
  • Help your team Spiderman Miles to victory and earn the Shocked Miles Emoticon.
  • Points only earnable in the “Battle Royale” or “Battle Royale-Zero Build” Islands by Epic. Stats from Ranked Games are not taken into account.

How to deal critical damage? Im confused
by u/lazy_bling in FortNiteBR

The idea of critical hits isn’t a new concept in video gaming. However, Fortnite has taken the idea and tailored it to its unique battle royale format, incorporating it into the strategic gameplay and adding a touch of excitement and satisfaction to successfully executed shots.

Best Way to Deal Critical Damage

When a player pulls off a headshot in Fortnite, they can be confident they’re inflicting maximum damage. In simple terms, critical damage in Fortnite multiplies the weapon’s base damage. This multiplier varies based on the weapon used, but universally, a headshot guarantees higher damage than body shots.

The golden numbers and the sound effect are immediate feedback mechanisms. These reward a player’s precision, reinforcing that they’ve landed a successful critical hit. The design helps build player engagement, as the immediate and satisfying response fuels a sense of accomplishment.

Fortnite Best Way to Deal Critical Damage How does it work
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Understanding Critical Hit Chance

  • 10% Base Critical Hit Chance

    • A 10% base critical hit chance should deter you from choosing a critical rating and critical damage build. Despite having a legendary critical rating, a weapon with a 10% critical hit chance will only have a 10% chance of firing critical damage bullets.
    • There are exceptions to this, however. For instance, if the weapon has a large magazine size (around 50 bullets or more), the chances of landing critical hits increase, making the build viable.
  • 15% Base Critical Hit Chance

  • Weapons with a 15% base critical hit chance, when paired with a legendary critical rating, will have a 43% chance of firing critical damage bullets.
  • If your weapon has a large magazine or fast reload speed, this build can work efficiently. However, if your weapon has a small magazine and a slow reload speed, an overall damage build might be a better choice.
  • 20% Base Critical Hit Chance

    • Lastly, for weapons with a base 20% critical hit chance, a critical rating and critical damage build should always be the go-to choice.
    • This is because even with a blue critical rating, your chances of firing critical damage bullets is a promising 41%.

Crit Chance and Crit Damage

Crit chance determines the percentage chance that every single bullet you fire will result in a critical hit. For instance, with the Bobcat’s 10% crit chance, out of 100 bullets, approximately 10 will result in a critical hit.

Fortnite Bobcat Weapon
Courtesy of jorahjo (Reddit)
  • Crit damage is another significant factor to consider. Every time a critical hit lands, that bullet’s damage gets amplified by your crit damage value. If your crit damage is 320%, this means that each crit does your standard damage times 3.2.
  • For example, if your standard damage is 100, a crit would deal 320 damage. Therefore, out of 100 bullets, 38 bullets will deal 320% of the regular damage, resulting in a significant bonus to your overall damage output.

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