How will 128-tick servers help in Counter-Strike 2?

Counter-Strike 2 sub-tick tech

Counter-Strike 2 has announced a major improvement in tick rate which is said to improve the game experience. In the updated game with the Source 2 engine, the competitive shooter will be using 128-tick servers. In Summer 2023 all the currently used 64-tick servers will be replaced by Valve’s new 128-tick servers.

However many players are confused about how this will improve their gameplay experience. This article will be deep diving into the improvements proposed by Valve’s CS2.

What is the advantage of using 128-tick servers in Counter-Strike 2?

What is tick rate?

A tick rate is how many times a server refreshes in one second and is usually calculated in Hertz (Hz). So if a server refreshes 30 times in one second it means 30 ticks, as used with Apex Legends.

How is improved tick count helping?

For a long time, shooter games in general and CSGO has been using 64-tick servers for everyone. However, that was changed by Valorant which prioritized a fully competitive experience for all with 128-tick servers. In 2023, Counter-Strike 2 will also be implementing these changes so that the players get the best out of their games.

Valve is calling this change sub-tick improvements, as they initially used 64-tick servers for CSGO. After doubling the time between which a server responds, players will see improvement in how their actions happen instantaneously.

Having an improved tick rate also means that the delay with input and server results is also drastically lowered. Thus, as a result, the game’s competitive nature is reinforced with more receptive input calculation.

For instance, when shooting in CSGO, every bullet used takes at least a few milliseconds to register. In competitive games, even a millisecond can make a difference during games.

With Counter-Strike 2’s sub-tick update, this thing will be changing, as this reduced delay between input and registration can make a huge difference. A player’s shot taken would be a hit if registered fast enough. In short, players will be experiencing even smoother gameplay with Source 2 and its inclusion of sub-ticks.

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