Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin Dating Rumors: Eat Bulaga Hosts Caught Flirting | Fans React

Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin Dating Rumors: Eat Bulaga Hosts Caught Flirting | Fans React

Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin are now the talk of the town after the two hosts are often caught flirting with each other on the revamped Philippine noontime show Eat Bulaga. Of course, knowing Contis is in a relationship with a fellow actress, Yen Santos, while Agustin is believed to be single, fans can’t help but react. So, is there something going on between these two? Are they dating?

Before Contis and Agustin started hosting Eat Bulaga, they previously worked together on the sketch comedy show Bubble Gang. However, it was only on the variety show that they seemed to form a love team. Though some deem it may only be to entertain fans, others are convinced that something serious is probably happening behind the scenes.

Fans Shipping Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin

Fans are already shipping for Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin, thanks to their incredible rapport on Eat Bulaga. The two are often seen sharing sweet moments together, and it doesn’t only happen in front of the camera, with some saying they remain close even behind the scenes.

Several videos posted on TikTok show the pair’s closeness, resulting in coining the term #PaoRa, which is a combination of their names. They even have a fan page called official_arrapaolo, which has almost 6,000 followers as of this writing.


Happy Sunday #PaoRa 😍👩‍❤️‍👨 Miss ko na agad kayong magBabe 🥹🫶🏻 #ArraSanAgustin #PaoloContis #ArraPao #EBHappy #EatBulaga #CapCut

♬ Car’s Outside – James Arthur


EB Happy Cup is also the #PaoRa moments 😍🥹🫶🏻 yieeee ang haroottt nyo talaga hihi 🙈👩‍❤️‍👨 #PaoloContis #ArraSanAgustin #ArraPao #EBHappy #EatBulaga #TeamPaolo

♬ suara asli – favmusicvibes – favmusicvibes

The clips vary from Contis suddenly hugging Agustin to how he’s coaching her and trying to blow a kiss. Some also notice how the actor fondly looks at his female co-host. And if there’s something that makes them convinced that Contis is seemingly advancing on Agustin, it’s how he often kisses her on the forehead.


Kayo lang din ang aking gusto #ArraPao 🥹🫶🏻 #PaoRa paraan ka nanaman Paolo hihi 🙈😍 #ArraSanAgustin #PaoloContis #EBHappy #EatBulaga

♬ tatlong bilyon ikaw lamang ang aking gusto – han pogi


Paraparaan Paolo Contis 🙈😍😆 #ArraSanAgustin #paolocontis #ArraPao #EBHappy

♬ Para Paraan – Choy🧿

And to prove that their closeness isn’t just happening in front of the camera, another video shows them working out together. So, what does this mean? Is Contis trying to court Agustin?


workout buddies 🙈💪🏻👩‍❤️‍👨 #PaoRa #PaoloContis #ArraSanAgustin #ArraPao #EatBulaga

♬ Lil Boo Thang – Paul Russell

Fans React to Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin Dating Rumors

Sure, many are shipping Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin due to the fun entertainment they’re showing on Eat Bulaga. But others can’t help questioning this move, knowing he’s in a relationship with Santos.

Contis has been accused of womanizing and criticized for jumping from one relationship to another. In fact, many are now warning Santos, considering their romance also started when they began working together for the 2021 movie A Faraway Land. At the time, Contis was still in a relationship with another actress, LJ Reyes, with whom he shares a child, Summer, 4.

That said, Agustin is now being bashed for being sweet to follow, too, despite knowing he has a girlfriend. X (formerly Twitter) user @impaulsaratan then tried to defend the singer, saying Contis and GMA Network, which houses Eat Bulaga, should be the target of these malicious comments.

@JhummyBee added Agustin is too pretty for Contis, while @artista_ph is seeming convinced that something is brewing between the two.

Is Paolo Contis Trying to Court Arra San Agustin?

In between their closeness and sweet gestures, fans can’t help but think that Paolo Contis is probably trying to court Arra San Agustin. However, Redditor fulminologist, who claimed they’re connected to Agustin, said Contis seemingly planned to form a love team with the model instead, but GMA has yet to greenlight the move for allegedly lacking potential.

The netizen also stressed that the two have been closed since they worked together on Bubble Gang.

For Agustin’s part, the alleged friend added she wasn’t romantically interested in Contis. “That’s all for now,” they added.

To answer the question if Contis is trying to court Agustin, fulminologist continued that it might be 50% true as no one really knows what’s the next move of the 39-year-old star. However, Agustin allegedly told them Contis has been showing her great care, making her consider leaving the show.

“But then I told her not,” fulminologist added, advising Agustin just to be herself off-cam. So, how about Contis’ girlfriend, Santos?

Are Paolo Contis and Yen Santos Still Together?

With the growing dating rumors surrounding Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin, many can’t help but ask if Contis and Santos are still together. The two are known for being private about their romance, so there’s no new update about their relationship. In fact, the last photo that Contis shared of Santos on his Instagram was that of her birthday last year. Alternatively, the actress hasn’t shared any posts about her boyfriend on her page.

In an interview with Inquirer in August, Contis revealed it was a conscious decision to keep things private. “I realized that being quiet is better. So far, things are doing great,” he said.

He continued that he would never let Santos be the subject of criticisms just because he wanted to be with her in public. So, instead of posting everything they would do, he would like to keep things private. He also talked about the possibility of settling down with Santos.

But he would only consider doing it when everything is already in the right place and sorted out. “I think Yen deserves that,” he continued. And if he thinks Santos is the right one for him, he quickly answered, “Of course,” adding “she deserves a clean slate” with everything they have been through.

Are Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin’s Dating Rumors True?

Though no one really knows if Paolo Contis and Arra San Agustin’s dating rumors are true, we can only consider it that way—rumors. Sure, he’s known for having a relationship with his leading ladies, but things may have changed today, especially with his relationship with Santos.

The intimacy or sweet gestures the viewers have been noticing between Contis and Agustin might only be for the views and for the show. And with the people’s reaction, it just proves that they have perfectly done their work rightThey’re artists anyway, and their work is to entertain, so they may only be doing what they’re asked to and following the audience’s demand. They have caught the public’s interest, and fans have started shipping them.

Their closeness may have also stemmed from their bond on Bubble Gang. That said, their relationship may only be purely platonic, and there’s nothing romantic going on between them.