Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 is set to end on December 3, which will then precede two days of down time. In the past, similar occurrences only happened during Black Hole events. However, recent information has led many to believe that Chapter 4 is coming.

We’ve gathered all details from insiders, leaks, content creators, and gathered them in one location. These are likely the things we can expect with a brand new chapter.

A New Island

Chapter 3 has been ramping up with the story development, especially now with teases of The Nothing and its affiliation with The Last Reality warrior Bytes. Fans have noted that the events unfolding closely resembles a similar invasion that occurred in Chapter 2. There is a strong possibility though that the villains succeed this time, with Io dead and The Foundation still missing. The only character who seems to have an answer will be Paradigm.

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The codename Asteria has been circling around, which also coincides with the three codenames for each chapter of Fortnite. These were codenames that specifically tied to a new map/island for the game. Asteria matches all of the previous codenames because:

  • They are all named A
  • They are all Greek mythology names

Chapter 4 will likely introduce a new map. We’ll see how the story leads us to the new location within the next two months.

First Person Mode

First person mode has been in development for a long time, but Epic has noticeably ramped up in the last few weeks. All the footage shown on social media indicates that they will likely be debuting first person mode in Chapter 4. Whether it happens at the start or sometime later is yet to be determined.

New Vehicles

Files for motorcycles and skateboards have been in the game for a while. The animations are there but they aren’t as polished yet. Chapter 4 would be the best time to introduce these new vehicles which will allow players to travel around the island differently. Insiders also note that development for a mountable flying animal has been in development for a while, likely targeting a Chapter 4 release.

There was also a near-forgotten weapon called the Saddler which recently got new images in the game files. The item will look like something that can help players mount animals they encounter while exploring the map.

There’s also reason to believe that the mech suit will finally be available in Chapter 4. The introduction of all these new things to enjoy fuels the possibility of the new chapter being inevitable.

Open World Mode, New Collaborations

Currently we have three game modes within Fortnite:

  1. Save the World
  2. Battle Royale
  3. Creative

Files have been uncovered indicating that Epic is working on an Open World RPG style game. However, this seems like an ambitious project, and it is unknown if this will come during Chapter 4.

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In the meantime, it looks like we are getting new collaborations based on what fans have been uncovering recently. These two looks like they will happen before Chapter 3 ends, but there’s also a possibility for them to launch during Chapter 4.

A file for a lightsaber has been seen with images in the game files. A Luke Skywalker appearance will likely happen sooner rather than later.

Fans recently uncovered the possibility of a Stranger Things collaboration based on discoveries in Grim Gables.

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