Red Dead Online Halloween Mask
Red Dead Online's Halloween Mask. Courtesy of Rockstar Games, via VG247.

Rockstar Games has posted answers on five subjects related to money lobbies, glitch abusing, account boosting, online mods, exploits, temporary and permanent account suspensions.

If you’re found abusing glitches or other in-game exploits on Rockstar Games Social Club Accounts, your account will be suspended.  Other activities include –

  • modding in online games
  • exploiting or abusing game mechanics in online games
  • participating in “money lobbies”
  • account boosting
  • account “recovery”
  • promoting methods of abuse/glitching
  • promoting modding of online games
  • manipulating protected game data and code,
  • interfering with other players’ gameplay experience.

“Some accounts may be corrected, rather than suspended, which removes illegitimately gained cash, rank, property or inventory,” Rockstar writes. “Rockstar Games Social Club Account suspensions due to these reasons may be temporary suspensions or permanent bans depending on the user’s actions.”

As mentioned, Rockstar has posted about two types of account suspensions – temporary and permanent (also known as a ban). On the company’s EULA page, it says, “If we believe or have any reason to suspect that you have engaged in an Unauthorized Transaction, you further agree that Licensor may, in its sole discretion, restrict your access to your available VC and VG in your User Account or terminate or suspend your User Account and your rights to any VC, VG, and other items associated with your User Account.”

Temporary Suspension

If your Social Club account is temporarily suspended, you won’t be able to access online play for, be it Red Dead Online or GTA Online for a limited period. The suspension expiration date will be displayed on the in-game splash screen of the Story Mode. Additionally, all your online progress will be reset. This includes your character progression, missions, property and inventory.

If you continue to violate Rockstar’s Terms and Conditions, your account may face a permanent ban.

Permanent Ban

Some accounts may be immediately banned from all titles, without first being suspended, for violations including cheat development, malicious attacks against Rockstar titles and services, or other egregious violations of Rockstar’s EULA or Terms of Service.



  1. Hilarious. Abuse game mechanics….playing the game that you designed isn’t abusing anything..maybe you should design a better mechanics instead of encouraging bad behavior by leaving it the way it is for months.

  2. They’re only about 5 years late in cracking into cheaters, when it comes to GTA Online.
    Not to mention how ridiculously broken the game is, god mode vehicles, exploit abuse, game mechanics that were never intended to be PVP tools used as the winning strategies etc.

    Though, I hope better late than never and it would be nice if they put more care into balance – both in between players and to the in-game quality-of-life balance, which they’ve pretty much completely abandoned years ago when it comes to GTA Online, but have luckily managed a bit better in RDR Online.

  3. i am 43, this is my first game i’ve played in years. i would not know how to mod let alone know exploiting or abusing game mechanics. but i was banned even after buying gold yesterday. this is why i switched to board games..


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