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Will the Infinite Warfare Hate Story even come to an end?

With the reveal trailer of Call of Duty’s newest installment, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare – things have gotten a bit nasty. The video itself, on YouTube, became the most disliked video after Justin Bieber’s Baby (still not anywhere close though). It’s more like Infinite Hate. People took up the weapons of social media – tweets and hashtags overflowing – suggesting a crude devouring of Call of Duty. Online communities are working overtime to cover all that’s happening.

So, what is the reason behind this fan revolt? Before we begin, let me tell you that this article is not safe for kids. I won’t hold back cursing, so caution.

Call of Duty’s taking off from ground to space

The past few installments of Call of Duty games have seen more and more inclination towards inclination. Erm, I mean Call of Duty now focuses more on sky and space battles than ground wars.

infinite warfare

Remember those good old days? Playing the role of privates and sergeants and running through fields strapped with tons of trip wires and mines? Those chase scenes amid World War II buildings, getting shelled by tanks and blasted by enemy snipers? Damn, you could almost taste the dust in your mouth. The blood and flesh of your mates driving you into a frenzy to kill those motherfuckers. Those were the days of real war.

Now what we’re served? Ooh, flashy spaceships shooting bullets through the fucking vacuum. Jesus Christ is that what we’ve come to? I might as well re-watch Star Wars VI if I wanted that.

War is good when it’s grounded. When you take action to “the next level,” it comes apart. It is not realistic. It is not touching. And these two things are exactly what made Call of Duty great.

Fans have been wanting Call of Duty games to return back to normal. To have interesting storylines, relatable characters, real-world scenarios. However, instead of working on that, Activision released the Infinite Warfare, which sort of defeats the whole purpose.

Bundling a better MW with IW for better sales

infinite warfare

Marketing gimmicks are second on the list for the Infinite Hate story. Apparently, a better edition of Modern Warfare, called Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, is bundled with the new Infinite Warfare. Fans were rooting for a new Modern Warfare version since a long time. And when they finally take it out – they pair it with Infinite Warfare.

For those who didn’t know, Modern Warfare Remastered is a different campaign with 10 maps from the original Modern Warfare with improvised graphics and mechanics.

You can’t buy Modern Warfare’s Remastered separately. Activision wants to increase the sales of Infinite Warfare, so this is what they are doing. This way, they would be able to say that Infinite Warfare sold a lot, while half of the purchases were for the better Modern Warfare. And this profit gives them enough reason to continue with their Call of Air: Space Wars lineup of hollow, lightweight games that blow right up Activision’s ass by one breeze of real, modern first-person shooters. Every single pun intended.

Release of Battlefield 1 Trailer, which promises much more

infinite warfare

During the same time period, the trailer for Battlefield’s newest game released. Named Battlefield 1, It offers much more immersion and the true FPS action. No, I’m not a Battlefield fan, but for once let’s appreciate EA’s work. Battlefield 1 will release on October 21 while Infinite Warfare will be out on November 4.

And let’s be frank. Battlefield 1 looks better than Infinite Space Fighting in all aspects. May it be the graphics, gameplay or the mechanics.

When given these two options, people would love to play the closer-to-the-ground one where you actually run a respectable couple miles just for getting five kills instead of driving a fucking space wagon through the atmosphere and covering a hundred miles in one second while shooting laser beams – phew, shoot, zzzaaapp, phew, zing. Damn, I’ve never swore this bad in any of my articles so far.

Haters gonna hate

Now it might seem I’m going overboard and that Infinite isn’t so bad after all. Well, I’m not venting out my anger actually. I’m voicing fan opinions. And a lot of those so-called fan opinions are haters in disguise.

The whole franchise is full of haters. For example, Battlefield lovers. Hell, I’ve even heard people say “Why play COD? Counter Strike is much better.” Yeah, it is, if all you need is mindless deathmatch action of shooting each others fucking head in a 10-by-10-feet room with absolutely no story.

Damage control mode: on. No disrespect, I love Counter Strike, just that I hate people who compare it with story-based FPS games. I mean, compare Battlefield, or even IGI with COD. But how can you compare Quake or Counter Strike with it?

So yeah, back to topic. If you boil it down, a lot of this hate against Infinite Warfare is just general anti-COD hate channeled more intensely through this fan revolt.

How is it a Fan Revolt? Aren’t you exaggerating?

IT IS A FAN REVOLT. Perhaps it’s small, perhaps it’s big. But it is a revolt. Here are some glimpses from the internet. And let’s not get started about what’s happening on ground.

By the way, there’s one field where people are actually supporting Infinite Warfare. Maybe you can guess. Not internet. Not ground … There, you got it. Learning, aren’t we? THE FUCKING SPACE PEOPLE.

infinite warfare

Will Activision fix it?

There have been talks that Activision is working its ass off to rework certain stuff. The next cinematic trailer will reveal more details. Activision staff has faith that people will change their minds. In fact, at E3 the COD team showed a trailer that tries to display gun and hand combat present in the game. (Don’t watch before 2:30, unless you know Spanish or just want to waste your time.)

If they’re reworking, it’s fabulous. Even if they increase ground battles, we can sense that they’re shifting towards ground again and we can have our real war days back. So maybe next installment will see some good things?

However, if the game is mostly about ground already and that’s the reason behind their faith, then it’s already good. No more shit-posting about Space Warfare. If they also make Advanced Warfare’s new edition available separately it’s even better.

In fact, I believe there’s a chance that the space part is for long distance transportation and launching into the battles. The hand combat and rifle gunfire is still the most prominent chunk of the story.

Wrapping up

In the end, time will tell how well Infinite Warfare is received. Not sales, not budget, not graphics – but the seal of fan approval only.

We can only wait and watch as the fans cast their votes. Well, if you’re one too, then your opinion matters too. However, as of now, let me know what’s your opinion pre-release? Let me know by dropping a comment down below.

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